Playlist – 30th April 2009

As promised, a special show this week with tracks exclusively from Japanese artists. With two special Japanese guests in the studio – Tomohisa and Mao – and a love of Japanese jazz we just had to focus on the great music that has come out of these islands over the last few years. We began with the relatively unknown Japanese band Aurora. We don’t know much about them but thery are easily confused with the other eighteen bands around the world that share this name…

This was followed by a Monday Michiru vocal cut from Nation of Multiverse, the classic Hunt Up Wind from the days of the Mastercuts albums and a longtime favourite from the United Future Organisation who did much to promote the Tokyo club jazz scene worldwide. We had to include tracks from Sleep Walker, Soil and “Pimp” Sessions and Quasimode – probably the most popular nu-jazz bands in Japan at the moment – and we also featured an old favourite, one of the many versions of Watarase recorded by Fumio Itabahsi.

We hope that you enjoyed this special show. If you did, let us know.

1. Aurora – Nacel de Sol
2. Nation of Multiverse – Butterfly (feat. Monday Michiru)
3. Hiroshi Fukamura with Sadao Watanabe – Hunt Up Wind
4. United Future Organization – Loud Minority (radio mix)
5. Sleep Walker – Brotherhood
6. Boy Ken – That’s the Jail
7. Kiyoshi Yamaya – Osorezan
8. Fumio Itabashi – Watarase
9. Mondo Grosso – Star Suite III. North Star
10. Soil & “Pimp” Sessions – A Wheel Within a Wheel
11. Sunaga t Experience – High at “NOON”
12. Makoto – Spangle
13. Quasimode – The Land of Freedom (live)
14. What’s Up? – Telemundo
15. DJ Mitsu The Beats – Spireedom 2004
16. Gagle – Eastern Voyage
17. United Future Organization – United Future Airlines
18. Jabberloop – With All My Love

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