Playlist – 06 August 2009

Tonight’s show features new music from Will Holland’s Quantic with the Combo Barbaro (one of the best things he’s done we think), Acoustic Ladyland, Branford Marsalis, Mos Def and more, a tribute to jazz theorist and composer George Russell, a special mix of variations on John Coltrane’s classic track A Love Supreme and some left field treasures like the delights of Brazil’s Brownman Greenman, the beauty of Neil Cowley’s piano trio and David Sanborn’s funky take on Ornette Coleman’s Ramblin’. It’s all here in the world of Cosmic Jazz!

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Apologies for a couple of fader glitches tonight – we’re working on it…

1. Santana – Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation
2. Quantic and the Combo Barbaro – The Dreaming Mind pt 1
3. Mos Def – Quiet Dog Bite Hand
4. Quincy Jones – Hikkey-Burr
5. Terry Callier – Ride Suite Ride
6. Brownman Greenman – John Crow Flies East
7. Neil Cowley Trio – Streets Paved With Half Baguettes pt 2
8. Studio Apartment – Dazzling
9. The Jazz Crusaders – Young Rabbits
10. Azymuth – Linha de Horizonte
11. Gato Barbieri – Ruby
12. Branford Marsalis Quartet – Jabberwocky
13. David Sanborn – Ramblin’
14. Sun Ra – UFO
15. A Love Supreme Mix – Branford Marsalis Quartet/Dwight Trible and the Life Force Trio/Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin/Miguel ‘Anga’ Dias/Alice Coltrane
16. Santana – Song of the Wind
17. Roy Haynes – Quiet Fire
18. George Russell – The Paleolithic Game
19. Acoustic Ladyland – The Mighty Q
20. Jet Sounds – Nuspirit Helsinki

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