Playlist – 10 September 2009

Back to a Neil and Derek alternate tracks-style show! It was good to work together again on the decks and create a mix and blend we think works. We never know exactly where the show is going but this week we took the show in a latin direction, reflecting our upcoming live set at Saints in Ipswich on 23 September.

We started with the lead track from Joe Lovano’s new CD and then played a mix of new (Mayer Hawthorne’s perfect retro-soul Maybe So Maybe No) and old (the reissued Smatter from Gnu High festuring Keith Jarrett). The best modal moment of the show was undoubtedly Art Blakey’s powerhouse groove Nihon Bash, from the Riverside vinyl reissue Kyoto featuring Freddie Hubbard, Curtis Fuller and Wayne Shorter. This was the Messengers set to 11 and the Sadao Watanabe-composed featured track is probably the album’s best moment.

1. Joe Lovano Us Five – Powerhouse
2. Roland Kirk – The Call
3. Kenny Wheeler – Smatter
4. Frank Morgan – Footprints
5. Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So Maybe No
6. Nation of Multiverse – Hanikami
7. Flying Lotus – Melt
8. Mr Scruff – Stockport Carnival
9. Art Blakey – Nihon Bash
10. Chicago Afrobeat Project – Jekajo
11. Kwabena Okai – Obiaro Bewu
12. Michel Petrucciani – Miles Davis’ Licks
13. Miles Davis – Jean Pierre
14. Charlie Palmieri – Descarga (Around Midnight) Charanson
15. Charlie Palmieri talking about the danzon/Kenny Barron – Fungi Mama
16. Sun Ra – Springtime Again
17. The Afro-Rican Ensemble – Tanga
18. Tito Puente – Watu Watsuri (Gilles Peterson re-edit)
19. Indigo Jam Unit – Arctic Circle
20. Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson – Can You Feel It?

Next week we’ll have new music from pianist Robert Glasper and some remixes from the Dub Colossus Return to Addis project together with more latin jazz to get you ready for 23 September. We’ll also feature a track from the new release by Norwich-based Red Shadow Quartet who play at the Milestones Club in Lowestoft on 01 November.

Unfortunately, this week’s show isn’t available via our Listen Again facility – but next week’s will be!

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