Playlist – 07 January 2010

This was our first live show of the new year so the music tonight was of the best of recent months together with some brand new releases.  Listen out for brilliant new music from Helsinki’s Timo Lassy and Carl Craig and the Tribe.

We braved the snow to get here – and it turned out to be a pretty chilled selection too.  Sorry for the late start – but here at Cosmic Jazz we’ll conquer the elements to bring you the best in jazz and related music.  All you have to do is just listen and enjoy!

  1. Steve Reid – Lugano
  2. Buld an Ark – This Prayer for the Whole World
  3. Miles Davis – Water on the Pond
  4. Ceu – Comadi
  5. Erroll Parker – Street Ends
  6. Keith Jarrett Trio – What is this Thing called Love
  7. Timo Lassy – The More I Look at You (feat. Jose James)
  8. Robert Glasper – All Matter
  9. Nicola Conte – Nefertiti
  10. Art Ensemble of Chicago – Malachi/ Keith Tippett Septet – A loose kite in  a gentle wind floating with only my will for an anchor
  11. Tribe – Lesli
  12. John Hassell – Wing Melodies
  13. Indigo Jam Unit – Blue

Apologies for some poor sound quality on track 9.  Track 10 is not a mix but simply two atmospheric tracks played simultaneously  – we think that it works, but let us know your thoughts.

The Youtube clip is back for 2010!  Try out this from Carl Craig and members of Phil Ranelin’s original and influential Tribe – including Ranelin on trombone, Marcus Belgrave on trumpet and Wendell Harrison on saxophone – recorded in Paris late last year.

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