Playlist – 11 February 2010

In honour of the ongoing WGBH/BBC4 series Latin Music USA –  tonight is Our Latin Thing. If you missed the first two programmes in this four-part series, they are still available on BBC iPlayer for you to view and download.  You can then keep them for a month.

We celebrated the influence of latin music in jazz – from Machito to McGhee, Puente to Parker and Santana to Sabu Martinez.  The result was a mix of the kind of jazz we perhaps don’t play often enough.

We began the show with the briefest of tributes to the late John Dankworth who died earlier this week and we will play more music from this ambassador of the best of British jazz over coming weeks.

Next week, we welcome listener and musician Namorik into the studio to play and talk about some of his favourite jazz, we’ll play another track from Weather Report’s Mysterious Traveller and we will have new music from two great singers – Jose James and Gil Scott Heron.  Both have long-awaited new albums with Scott Heron’s return to the recording studio after a 15 year hiatus and James’s more adventurous sophomore CD both well worth your time.  Check them out on Cosmic Jazz!

  1. John Dankworth – Tomorrow’s World theme
  2. Bobby Matos and John Santos – Mambo Mona (mix X)
  3. Jerry Gonzalez and the Fort Apache Band – Earth Dance
  4. Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers – Milestones
  5. The Latinaires – Camel Walk
  6. Tito Puente – Cuban Nightmare
  7. Howard McGhee – Cubop City
  8. Mario Bauza – Ganga (Palo en Ganga)
  9. Santana – Savor (live)
  10. Patato – Dicelo Patato
  11. Charlie Parker – No Noise (Parts 1 and 2)
  12. Johnny Blas – Picadillo
  13. Sabu Martinez – Hotel Alyssa Souisse
  14. Cuban Roots – Malanga
  15. Gato Barbieri – Introduccion, Llamerito y Tango/Bolivia

For our videoclip this week, check out timbales master Tito Puente here in his last video performance, performing Ran Kan Kan.  He was in his late 70s when this was filmed.

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