Downloading Cosmic Jazz

Supposing you enjoyed your Listen Again experience so much you want to – well – listen again…  Well, why not download the show onto your computer and store it?  You can even copy it onto a CD for listening in the car!

To do this, just click on Listen Again and then click on [Download].  A recording bar will appear in the centre of your screen and show that you’ve started the download.  Now just go and make a cup of tea… and then another one – and so on, until your download is finished.  Of course, you can still listen to the show while it is downloading.  Store your download in a Cosmic Jazz folder – and you’re done.

9 thoughts on “Downloading Cosmic Jazz”

  1. Hi guys,

    Love the shows.

    Techie question – any chance you can set up an RSS feed for your listen again files, therefore turning the show into a podcast? In fact a good way to do it would be to make the audio file an RSS attachment to your show notes blog posts.

    Now that would be fantastic 🙂


  2. Hi Ian,

    As we can’t store more than one show at a time, I have added an RSS feed that will simply send out a link to the latest show. I knocked it up quickly but hopefully it will work. Glad your enjoying the show, let me know if I can improve things further.


  3. Hi Jacob and Ian
    Thanks for doing this Jacob – and glad you’re enjoying the show Ian!
    Jacob – could you add to my directions anything that would help people new to RSS feeds how and where to store? We can then announce that we have a podcast.
    Many thanks.

  4. My understanding of podcasts, is that they are a series of episodes available for download. With this RSS feed, I programmed it to only store the last show. so that probably isn’t a podcast. I would also have to change a bit of the format to make it conform to podcast standards I think. I am reluctant to do so though as I think that under the license that ICR has, we are not able to have a podcast.

    However, this should still be useful in notifying people when the last show has been uploaded. I can probably add some directions, but will do so later, the weather is just too nice at the moment. Technically, your download instructions won’t always work if mp3 files are associated to an application. To ensure that it downloads you need to right click on the download link and click “Save target as”, or some similarly worded option.

  5. Hi Guys,

    Many thanks for the response and setting up that feed.

    Neil – to answer your question, to receive a podcast, you need podcast receiver software. I use Juice, which is available on a PC and on a Mac ( ). However, many more people use iTunes as this has a podcast receiver built in. Basically, you copy and paste the RSS link into the software and it handles the rest – it checks periodically and when a new episode is available it downloads it onto your computer ready to be played at your leisure.

    Jacob – I think you can call your single episode feed a podcast. In fact this is exactly how the BBC do it, only making available the latest episode. I’m not an expert on licencing but as the podcast simply provides links to media that you are already making available to download, I wouldn’t have thought that this is a great deal different to what you are already doing. But as I say, I’m no expert 🙂

    Unfortunately, I tried pasting your RSS link into my software and it didn’t work. I think you need to place thie link in a seperate [enclosure] tag. I’ll do a bit of research and send you through some info via email.

    Thanks again for the response and keep up the good work.

  6. Ahhh ok, well then it would probably be OK. From what I saw, podcasts just need some extra detail. I’ll sort that out when I can. There is a small complication as it needs to get the file size of the mp3 file stored on ICR’s site. Should be able to work that out though.

  7. Made some changes, tested it in Juice. Seems to work fine for me. Let me know if you have any problems. You were right, I just needed the enclosure tag.

  8. Fantastic – works a treat.

    We have to make a couple of 8 hour drives across France once a month, and having a few episodes of Cosmic Jazz to listen to is going to be great.

    Many thanks for sorting this out.


  9. Hi Ian

    Pleased this is working – and many thanks Jacob. It’s great to have feedback from listeners – and we now have a context for your listening as well – roadtrips to France! Enjoy the upcoming shows.


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