Playlist – 24 February 2011

Eclectic electronica tonight on Cosmic Jazz. We started with where we left off last week – Wadada Leo Smith’s Rosa Parks and then quickly it was into an exclusive.  Thanks to the great Destination Out site, we gave a first play of an unreleased Miles Davis track from 1975, recorded in Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall in Tokyo – just ten days before the material that would appear on Agharta and Pangea.

Music too as promised from Brad Mehldau and Jamie XX Smith – plus Wibute, Kieran Hebden and Dave Douglas.  It was live here on CJ – but if you missed it, wait for Listen Again at the weekend.

  1. Wadada Leo Smith – Rosa Parks
  2. Miles Davis – Hip-Skip
  3. Herbie Hancock – Nobu
  4. Wibute – First There Was Jazz 2
  5. Jon Hassell – Abu Gil/Terje Rypdal – Ghostdancing
  6. Dave Douglas – Moonshine
  7. EST – Dolores in a Shoestand (live)
  8. Keiran Hebden and Steve Reid – The Sun Never Sets
  9. Roedelius – Puente
  10. Brad Mehldau – Secret Love (live)
  11. Jason Moran – To Bob Vatel of Paris
  12. Polar Bear – The Love Didn’t Go Anywhere
  13. Matthew Herbert Big Band – Stationary
  14. Jamie XX Smith/Gil Scott Heron – I’ll Take Care of You

One thought on “Playlist – 24 February 2011”

  1. This was world’s greatest improvisational acid-funk band. This current generation of jazz and indie listeners will think it was recorded just yesterday. The music sounds post-dub, post-industrial, post-jungle, post-glitch, post ambient – and they did it all live night after night – their own AfroFuturirst version of Dante’s Inferno. Perfect music for the ravaged soul of America post-Vietnam and Watergate and the heroin-hazed ruins of 70s Harlem, Detroit, DC, LA pre disco and P-funk.

    American writer Greg Tate in an email posting on the Sony Legacy site calling for the reissue of Miles Davis: the Complete Live in Japan 1975.

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