Playlist – 10 March 2011

This week we began a countdown of our favourite five Cosmic Jazz tracks.

We each played our number five choice this week and will then continue down  over the following weeks. Any guesses for what might be in our top five, or ideas for yours – just add to Comments below.

Derek’s new play this week had just arrived from Steve’s Jazz Sounds. Sean Hutchinson’s Still Life was recorded in Brooklyn, New York and – much as you might expect from a contemporary New York trio – there is some heavy drumming from Sean Hutchinson, strong bass playing from Bridget Kearney and delicate piano figures from Omer Klein.

You have got to be interested in any CD with tunes entitled Treat Me like Train Tracks or Red Fish Blue Fish Dead Fish Same Fish. Listen up.

And not to be outdone, Neil got hold of Austin Peralta’s new release, Endless Planets. Produced by Flying Lotus, this starts up like Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock and ends with an epic track that has more than a nod to Ole-era Coltrane. Perhaps not surprising – Flying Lotus (aka Steven Ellison) is Alice Coltrane’s nephew. Keeping it in the family, I guess…

Our favouite number fives? Just Listen Again to find out…

  1. Sun Ra – Beautiful Love
  2. Yusef Lateef – Psychicemotus
  3. Ornette Coleman Trio – Dee Dee
  4. Henri Texier – The Band Over the Clouds
  5. Chris Potter – Pop Tune
  6. Jef Gilson Septet avec Lloyd Miller – Le Grand Bidou
  7. Austin Peralta – Capricornus
  8. Sean Hutchinson’s Still Life – Red Fish Blue Fish Dead Fish Same Fish
  9. Robert Glasper Trio – No Worries
  10. Tenorio Jr. – Nebulosa
  11. Brad Mehldau – My Favourite Things
  12. Sarah Vaughan – The Mystery of Man
  13. Airto Moreira & Flora Purim – Anatello
  14. Bahama Soul Club – Sugar Cane [Extended Uncle remix]

Video this week comes from Brad Mehldau – it’s his version of Radiohead’s Exit Music (for a Film):



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