Playlist – 26 May 2011

Wow – we’ve not had a show like this for a while! In the end this was very much Sun Ra’s show – Miles will happen next week. We celebrated what would have beeen the 97th birthday of jazz’s greatest cosmic voyager and explored the music’s final frontier.

We played tracks from Steve Reid, John Cage, Salah Ragab and Julian Priester, but really this was all about Sunny Blount, the man from Saturn who called himself Sun Ra.

If you missed the show and want to catch up then Listen Again from Monday. But fasten your seat belts – it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  1. Popol Vuh – Aguirre 1/Sun Ra – Intensity
  2. Sun Ra and his Arkestra – Space is the Place
  3. Salah Ragab – A Tribute to Sun Ra
  4. Sun Ra – Discipline No. 10
  5. Steve Reid – Center of the Earth
  6. Sun Ra and his Solar-Myth Arkestra – Adventures of Bugs Hunter
  7. Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra – UFO
  8. Sun Ra – Foggy Day
  9. John Cage – Sonata 1/Julian Priester – Prologue/Love, Love
  10. Sun Ra and his Outer Space Arkestra – Nuclear War
  11. Sun Ra and his Intergalaxtic Arkestra – Someday My Prince Will Come
  12. Sun Ra – Mayan Temple
  13. Sun Ra Quartet – Springtime and Summer Idyll
  14. Sun Ra and his Intergalaxtic Arkestra – Whistle While You Work

Video this week has to be from Sun Ra. The first clip is the opening of Space is the Place, a 1972 film about Sun Ra and his world. These two minutes give you some idea of what was going on the mind of this intergalactic maverick!

In the show, we referred to the meeting between John Cage and Sun Ra. The two performed ‘together’ in 1986 at Coney Island, New York in two separate sets. The result was recorded and released on this long out-of-print album. You can download the album here.

Finally, here’s some rare video footage of Sun Ra and the Arkestra at Giza – the music is Watusa in a version from the Space is the Place soundtrack album:


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