Playlist – 23 June 2011

Another show packed with great new music – more from Emanative and Michael L Roberts (including a live interview), Matana Roberts and JD Allen from last week and a few more surprises. Cool grooves to begin, classic vocalists and an avant garde ending. It’s what you expect from Cosmic Jazz – eclectic music from start to finish.

We were pleased to have our first live interview on the show – Michael L Roberts took a break from his set at Hotel Rafayel in London and chatted about his music and influences. You can catch him in Bury St Edmunds at the Constitutional Club on 02 July 2011.

  1. Les McCann – Sometimes I Cry
  2. Emanative – Space In Veda
  3. Michael L Roberts – D…
  4. Mulatu Astatke (live) – Munaye
  5. Roy Ayers – We Live in Brooklyn, Baby
  6. Dave Brubeck Quartet – Tokyo Traffic
  7. Marion Brown – Bismillahi Rramani Rrahim
  8. Joe Henderson – Our Thing
  9. J D Allen – I Am I Am
  10. Sunaga T Experience – In Case of Emergency
  11. Mark Murphy – Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me
  12. Carmen Lundy – When Your Lover Has Gone
  13. Michael L Roberts (with Anita Wardell)  – Senor Blues
  14. Kurt Elling – Resolution
  15. David Binney – Marvin Gaye
  16. Matana Roberts – Nomra

Video this week comes from vocalist Kurt Elling with a live take on his track Samurai Cowboy – a vocalese twist on Bass Desire’s Samurai Hee Haw.

And here’s the original, with Bill Frisell and John Scofield trading licks on guitars:

3 thoughts on “Playlist – 23 June 2011”

  1. Well done with the live interview. Worked well, an interesting subject, and a great version of Senor Blues. Hope you get a comment from OZ!

  2. Hi Pete
    Welcome back! Glad you enjoyed the show – I’ll pass on comments about Senor Blues. Check out Roberts on iTunes and Spotify – well worth downloading.
    Won’t be around next week but tune in and keep Derek company!

  3. Loving Batman and Robin Over The Roofs ! Thank God for Spotify, this is just wonderful …you see, I like garage bands as well…

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