Playlist – 07 July 2011

Music tonight inspired by Derek’s show last week: Neil returned and chose more Charles Lloyd, starting with his take on the traditional Wayfaring Stranger. It was a programme of deep, intense and at times spritual jazz . Just one question; how many music programmes from the UK have played successive tracks by different artists whose first name is Babatunde?

  1. Charles Lloyd – Wayfaring Stranger
  2. Pharoah Sanders – Astral Travelling
  3. Conrad Herwig/Brian Lynch – Lonnie’s Lament
  4. McCoy Tyner – Hand in Hand
  5. Larry Young – Khalid of Space Part Two – Welcome
  6. Amina Claudine Myers – Cairo
  7. Marvin Hannibal Peterson – Forest Sunrise/Rhythm Ritual
  8. Babatunde Lea – Abuse of Reality Mambo
  9. Babatunde Olatunji – African Waltz
  10. Urszula Dudziak – Tico Tico
  11. Charles Lloyd – Dancing on One Foot

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