Playlist – 14 July 2011

A solo show from Derek with a mixture of sounds that he found. There were stars of Japanese jazz Takeo Moryama and Terumasa Hino, both featuring Fumio Itabashi on piano. The long live track from Terumasa Hino also featured Sadao Watanabe on alto sax. There were samples of latin jazz, including the unpredictable Gato Barbieri and we finished with a free jazz blast to finish off – more religious outpourings from Charles Gayle. Listen – and it’s not always an easy listen – to the great bass lines on this track.

  1. Takeo Moryama – Watarase
  2. Terumasa Hino – In the Darkness
  3. Bobby Matos and John Santos – Caminando
  4. Sabu – Tribilin Cantore
  5. Gato Barbieri – Para Nosotros
  6. EST – Believe, Beleft, Below
  7. Archie Shepp – A Prayer
  8. Tyrone Washington – Song of Peace
  9. U.F.O. feat Dee Dee Bridgewater – Flying Saucer
  10. Roy Ayers – Daddy Bug
  11. Charles Gayle – Christ’s Suffering

5 thoughts on “Playlist – 14 July 2011”

  1. Wow – that Hino track is brilliant. Not an artist that I know much about. Any suggestions on where to start most welcome.
    Thanks for the music.

  2. Adrian,

    I am pleased you that liked that Hino track, I think it is something special. The vinyl record I played belongs to my son Jacob and he thinks he got it on e-Bay from Japan. The LP is called ‘Terumasa Hino Live in Concert’. It was rtecorded in 1975 and released in Tokyo on the East Wind record label. Good luck, I hope you can track it down.


  3. Amazon have a picture of it but say it’s currently unavailable and don’t know if it ever will be again. I’d love a copy too! Could be a very long wait …

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