Playlist – 21 July 2011

A solo show from Derek tonight. The playlist was influenced by a few things – firstly, to continue with more of the Japanese jazz that  sounded so great the week before, but also to acknowledge the death of Alphonso ‘Fonce’  Mizell meant another play for Donald Byrd’s Places and Spaces on which Mizell played piano and was co-producer. The Mizell brothers jazz fusion work for Blue Note has not  been appreciated by every jazz fan but maybe they never heard this classic.

A meeting and conversation earlier in the evening with Garth Cartwright author of the recommended book  More Miles than Money – Journeys through American Music (and also author of Princes Amongst Men – Journeys with Gypsy Musicians) in which he told me how his American journey began with a visit to John Coltrane’s house meant it was time to play John Coltrane again. Gregory Porter was a personal indulgence and wow! it still sounds good. The rest was great too – just click that Listen Again button.

  1. Takeo Moryama – Sun Rise
  2. Gregory Porter – 1960 What?
  3. Afro-Soultet – Slave Traders
  4. John Coltrane – Stellar Regions (alternate take)
  5. Michael White – In the Silence Listen
  6. Philip Cohran – New Frankiphone Blues
  7. Rosario Giuliani  Quartetto – Tension
  8. Yano Saori – Hayden
  9. Johnny Blas – Grab a Hold of Yourself
  10. Hank Mobley – No Room for Squares
  11. Donald Byrd – Places and Spaces


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