Playlist – 08 September 2011

A joyful, lively and entertaining encounter with  Cad, another ICR presenter, as guest. Cad was there to persuade local listeners to ICR to go to Felixstowe on 23 September to see Michael Nyman. Her theory was that anyone who likes jazz and has an open musical mind will enjoy the evening.

The session was eclectic but for the most part contemplative, even spiritual. Only at the end was the tempo raised. It was fun to do and and the intrigue was all the greater as I was never sure what tune Cad would choose next. Derek tried to fit in with the mood and the tone was set by the first tune of the session. Derek has acquired another Phil Cohran CD and played White Nile from it. There will be more next week.

  1. Phil Cohran & Legacy – White Nile
  2. Jack Pescod & Barcode Trio – Coming to get You
  3. Matthew Halsall – Colour Yes
  4. Alice Coltrane – Journey in Satchidanada
  5. C harles Lloyd Quartet – Rabo de Nube
  6. The Apples – Elias
  7. Sun Ra & his Outer Space Arkestra – Nuclear War
  8. Hugh Lecane – Dripsody
  9. Yuko Fujiyama Quartet – Mr. Kim
  10. Sparklehorse feat. David Lynch – Dark Night of the Soul
  11. Maestro Garofalo – These Notes
  12. Yusef Lateef – Brother John

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