Playlist – 15 September 2011

Jazz pingpong returned this week: Neil was back from China with new music – but some of it was Greek. Music from the new Charles Lloyd double CD on ECM, some surprising late Frank Foster and a few of the tracks Neil would have played at the Surpass Music Festival ( in Xi’an, China. Unfortunately, it was postponed until the beginning of October – so no Cosmic Jazz in China just yet…

There was another track from the Phil Cohran & Legacy’s African Skies album after a track from it proved so popular last week and – responding to a listener’s request – we played more Art Pepper, this time with Pepper unusually multitracking on alto and tenor.

  1. Our Cry for Peace feat. (Dwight Trible  & Members of Build an Ark) – John Coltrane
  2. Frank Foster – The Loud Minority
  3. Kelan Phil Cohran – Kilimanjaro
  4. Charles Lloyd – Kratissa ti zoi mou/Dream Weaver
  5. The Latin Jazz Quintet – The Dues Payer
  6. Art Pepper – Mambo de la Pinta
  7. Dom um Romao – Jangai
  8. Sleep Walker – Eclipse
  9. Havana Cultura Band – Mami
  10. Eddie Palmieri – Mi Congo Te Llama
  11. Quasimode – Down in the Village

Video this week comes from Art Pepper, here playing Mambo Koyama just before his death in 1982. The recording quality is poor but the acid warmth (if that’s not an oxymoron) is there in Pepper’s vibrant tone.


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