Playlist – 06 October 2011

Ah – studio equipment… Sometimes it all goes horribly wrong. CJ this week was plagued by CD and vinyl gremlins, out to make life really difficult for us. That’s why there is dead air at around 20 minutes and 30 minutes into this set. We wanted it edited out so that you would still believe in us as consummate professionals – but that hasn’t happened.

We intended to step ahead with Footprints – a blistering version of Wayne Shorter’s new standard from the recently released Miles Davis Quintet Live in Europe 1967 – and follow this with Shorter’s own take on Smilin’ Through from his first live tour with his current band. Why? Well, the 78 year old Shorter took to the stage in a sell out concert at the London Barbican this weekend – and CJ was there. It was an electifying show – full review elsewhere on CJ.

Next week normal studio conditions should apply.

  1. Nicola Conte (feat. Gregory Porter) – Ghana
  2. Bahama Soul Club – King’s Wig
  3. Wayne Shorter – Smilin’ Through
  4. Roy Haynes – Quiet Fire
  5. Pentangle – Goodbye Porkpie Hat
  6. Alan Barnes – Opus de Funk
  7. African Jazz Pioneers – Hellfire
  8. Ornette Coleman – Peace Warriors
  9. Kenny Garrett – Realisation
  10. Quantic and his Combo Barbaro – The Dreaming Mind (part 1)
  11. James Blood Ulmer – TV Blues
  12. Kairos 4Tet – Me and You, 100 (degrees)
  13. Grupo X (feat. Lisa Miller) – Brand New Love

With the lack of Shorter on the decks this week we had to feature ‘Mr Gone’ in our video clip (and, yes, that’s what he was known as at school in Newark). Here’s the current quartet live in Spain – no idea what track this is. The power of the performance is typical of this Shorter group live:

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