Cosmic Jazz plays out!

There’s two upcoming opportunities to catch Cosmic Jazz out playing live.

On Friday 17 February we will be there supplying the music for an arts event at Ipswich Town Hall from 20:00 – 23:00. ICR’s Cad Taylor has been influential in setting up the event and will join CJ to play music that will ensure it is party time.

On Saturday 28 February Cosmic Jazz will be playing out at The Cross in Woodbridge. The Cross is a cool bar and vegetarian restaurant in the centre of the picturesque town of Woodbridge. The ambience in this old building will be perfect for Cosmic Jazz. We will start the evening chilled and relaxed and then up the tempo as the evening goes on.

Smoothgroove – a long-established associate of CJ – will be there to add some distinctive sounds. If you’re in the area, see you at The Cross.

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