Playlist – 08 March 2012

A  show this week  supported by Neil through the supply of music from Trio Libero, with UK’s Andy Sheppard, together with a new release from US vocalist Dwight Trible. Sheppard’s new ECM release is a quiet, unassuming record in the label’s house style and Trible is in the great tradition of US vocalists like Andy Bey and Leon Thomas.

CJ also featured more from the recently released Spiritual Jazz Vol II Europe and a Nat Adderley’s Work Song in a new version from Gregory Porter’s sparkling new release. Expect to hear more from both albums in coming weeks.

There was a guest appearance from Alan Bramwell, presenter of the forthcoming series Giants of Jazz on ICR. You can hear the first programme on Monday 26 March at 16:00 GMT. Alan has carried out meticulous research on the artists he will present and combines wide knowledge with enthusiasm for the subject. Interestingly, New York tenor player Albert Ayler provided Alan with the greatest fascination – in terms of both his music and tragic life story. Angels, though, could be described as one of his more accessible pieces – you can find it on the essential Impulse! release Live at Greenwich Village, a two CD set which has to feature some of the most haunting, personal music in all of jazz. Pianist Ahmad Jamal provided a jazz trio masterclass, Dorothy Ashby offered a rare outing for a jazz harpist and an old Cosmic Jazz favourite Charles Lloyd ended the show.

  1. Gregory Porter – Work Song
  2. Dwight Trible – I’ve Known Rivers
  3. Trio Libero – Libertino
  4. Miles Davis – Milestones
  5. Ahmad Jamal – Flight
  6. Albert Ayler – Angels
  7. Heikki Sarmanto – Duke and Trane
  8. Dorothy Ashby – Rascality
  9. DJ Vadim – Revelations Well Expounded
  10. Charles Lloyd – Hyperion with Higgins

Albert Ayler playing Summertime:

4 thoughts on “Playlist – 08 March 2012”

  1. Hi guys

    Have been trying to find an email address for yourselves and the show. Would be interested in sending you some tracks, or an album for review or to play on the show.

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Best wishes (and nice show, by the way – great to hear Albert Ayler on a jazz radio show!)

  2. Great show and excellent to hear Alan talking about some of his jazz heroes. The Dorothy Ashby track comes from the album In a Minor Groove and features Cosmic Jazz favourite Roy Haynes on drums. Part of the album – released in the 1950s – came out under the unambiguous title The Hip Harp…

  3. Hi Steve

    Thanks for your positive comments about the show. In my absence while I’m working in China, Derek continues to pursue our path of all that is eclectic in the world of jazz. You’re right – Ayler is little heard on the radio, and we are probably one of the few programmes to have broadcast the whole of Coltrane’s Ascension in a previous edition of Cosmic Jazz!

    We would welcome the opportunity to play your music and I hope Derek will be able to soon.

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