Playlist 19 April 2012

This week’s programme is one you cannot afford to miss on Listen Again.  New visitor Alex came in with Cosmic Jazz regular Palma to provide an exciting, sometimes rare, mix of vinyl jazz. From Leroy Vinnegar onwards (bass player on dozens of Blue Note records and the man behind Eddie Harris and Les McCann on the perennial CJ favourite Compared to What), Alex provided an inspirational mix.There were Cosmic Jazz favourites – Roland Kirk, Carlos Garnett and Gill Scott-Heron, the latter with the song New York City, a celebration of life in the city that was made for his distinctive voice. Toby Cooper & Brick Street (about whom Alex knew nothing), Claudia & Mike Longo were all new and welcome additions to the Cosmic Jazz playlist.

What were my favourites? They were all good but I would choose the tracks by Rudolph Johnson (an artist previously brought to CJ by Palma), Leroy Vinnegar, Gil Scott-Heron, Roland Kirk, Carlos Garnett, Claudia, Ray Bryant and Monty Alexander. That is most of them anyway!

  1. Robert Glasper Experiment feat Erikah Badu – AfroBlue
  2. Havana Cultura feat Roberto Fonseca – La Revolucion del Cuerpo
  3. Zara McFarlane – Feed the Spirit (The Children & the Warlock)
  4. Pharaoh Sanders – Prince of Peace
  5. The Awakening – Mode for DD
  6. Alphonse Mouzon – Space Invaders
  7. Leroy Vinnegar – The Kid
  8. Gil Scott-Heron – New York City
  9. The Roland Kirk Quartet – Mystical  Dreams
  10. Carlos Garnett – Banks of the Nile
  11. Toby Cooper & Brick Street – The Guru
  12. Ray Bryant – Up Above the Rock
  13. Eddie Jefferson – Chameleon
  14. Rudolph Johnson – Diswa
  15. Claudia – Salve Rainha
  16. Mike Longo – Matrix
  17. Monty Alexander – Love and Happiness
  18. Lalo Schifrin – Room 26

One thought on “Playlist 19 April 2012”

  1. Enjoyed the mix guys – many thanks. Hope you will soon both be back for more. Particularly cool was Mouzon’s drum feature with primitive electronics and Monty Alexander was a surprise and delight!

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