Playlist – 13 September 2012

Cosmic Jazz this week saw the return of DJs and rare groove vinyl addicts Alex and Palmer. Catch up with the programme on Listen Again and you will be saying “I’ve never heard that before –  how can I get hold of it?” If so, make sure your pockets are deep because finding this music does not come cheap. Tonight was jazz without frontiers, music with a multitude of messages, and tunes from the treasure trove of specialist vinyl hunters and gatherers. Expect to hear at least one piece of vinyl (but probably more) that you need to track down. This is one CJ you cannot afford to miss so go to Listen Again now and check out the music.

Cosmic Jazz listeners should know that Palmer now has his own show on ICR between 14;00 and 16:oo on Wednesday afternoons and – of course – on Listen Again. There is soul, funk, hip-hop as well as jazz and jazz-related music but anyone with the CJ vibe will enjoy the music.

  1. Build an Ark – Celebrate
  2. Eddie Palmieri – Spirit of Love
  3. Joyce and Tutty Moreno – April Child
  4. Fania All Stars – Coro Kuyare
  5. Gabor Szabo – Walking on Nails
  6. Harold Alexander – Mama Soul
  7. Willie Bobo – How Can I Say Goodbye
  8. Rongetz Foundation feat. Gregory Porter – Gogo Soul
  9. Chester Thompson – Weird Harold
  10. Pazant Brothers & the Beaufort Express – Mboga Chakula (Greasy Greens)
  11. Ana Mazzoti – Lo Sono Lo
  12. Kornet – Djartantan
  13. Gal Costa – Flo De Maracuja
  14. Jack Wilkins – Red Clay
  15. Mark Murphy – Red Clay
  16. Sun Ra – Astro Black
  17. Randy Weston – Marrakesh Blues
  18. Carmen Lundy – Time is Love
  19. Horace Silver – Won’t You Open up your Senses
  20. Gene Harris – Los AlamitosLatinFunkLoveSong

3 thoughts on “Playlist – 13 September 2012”

  1. Ah – great music and some ‘must haves’ in amongst all the gems. Good to hear another track from the Gabor Szabo release, now on CD. We played Mihrab from the same album if I remember… For me the standout though was the Jack Wilkins version of Red Clay – surely this has been a hip hop sample at some time?
    Come back soon guys!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Neil. Yep, the JW Red Clay is pretty special (Mark Murphy too). You have a good ear for a juicy sample and it was A Tribe Called Quest who used that bassline to great effect. I wonder how many versions of Red Clay there are? I have another version by Charles Earland on his LP, Leaving This Planet. We had a blast and look forward to the next guest spot. Cheers.

  3. Thanks Alex. Yes -there’s loads of versions of Red Clay I think, including a long live version on the CTI reissue of the album that features George Benson and Airto. It also comes up on a Herbie Hancock import called Tempest in the Colosseum which features his VSOP group (with Freddie Hubbard).
    Leaving this Planet is a great album – we’ve played the title track on CJ before now, as well as a really cool remix of the same by Mark deClive Lowe.
    Roll on the next show with you guys!

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