Playlist – 25 October 2012

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan – but no email, internet or phone services for listeners could not prevent some great music this week. There was more music from Manchester’s Gondwana label, another track from Larry ‘Stonephace’ Stabbins, some typical ‘ECMery’ from bassist Eberhard Weber – the title track from his first 1973 album for the influential German label – and something from Space is Only Noise, the 2011 release from American-Chilean beats artist Nicholas Jaar.

  1. Charlie Haden Liberation Orchestra – El Quinto Regiemento/Los Cuatro Generales/Viva La Quince Brigada
  2. Matthew Halsall – Fletcher Moss Park
  3. GoGo Penguin – HF
  4. ‘Stonephace’ Stabbins – Anomalous Monism
  5. Joe Henderson – Tres Palabras
  6. Wayne Shorter – Yes or No
  7. Oliver Nelson – Stolen Moments
  8. Eberhard Weber – The Colours of Chloe
  9. Nicholas Jaar- Variations

Video this week had to come from tenor saxophonist David S Ware, whose quartet was one of the most consistently exciting in jazz. With the great William Parker anchoring the sound on bass and the endlessly inventive Matthew Shipp on piano, the quartet is completed in this live performance by drummer Guillermo Brown.

Ware was one of the few current saxophonists who could truly be an inheritor of Coltrane’s sound. Never a Coltrane clone, Parker had a raw lyricism that was ‘trane-like in its scope and power. Here he is in a live performance of one of his signature pieces Aquarian Sound:



One thought on “Playlist – 25 October 2012”

  1. Hi Cad and Derek
    Very much looking forward to tonight’s playlist – hope there will be some ECM surprises as well as favourites. We tend to think of the label as home to just chilled Nordic-type sounds but it’s also given us the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Charlie Haden. Go for it! I’ll be checking out the playlist in about seven hours from now (early Friday morning in downtown Beijing).

    Also – is the last show from the CSV building? Sad day – but here’s to the future of CJ…

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