Playlist – 22 November 2012

After the exciting choices from Pete last week this week’s show returned to some of Derek’s current listening. Opening the show with two contemporary jazz dance classics, the grooves continued with two CJ favourites – Roy Haynes’ percussion tour de force Quiet Fire and the classic Red Clay from trumpeter Freddie Hubbard.

New music was represented by more from Larry Stabbins and Mercury-nominated Roller Trio with a final nod to CJ’s top album from last year, Nat Birchall’s Sacred Dimension. Birchall has a new CD out on his own label. You can hear extracts from the album – called World Without Form – here. Reviewer Phill Johnson of the Independent on Sunday said:

In a scene dominated by jazz graduates who are fluent in the language but don’t have much to say, the music of saxophonist Birchall – who came to Coltrane via reggae’s Cedric Brooks – screams “Belief!” This latest release invests spiritual jazz with a personal vision evoking space and soul. Doubling up bass and drums creates a thicker sound, with roles for Corey Mwamba, Jon Thorne and Paul Hession. Regular pianist Adam Fairhall is a total star.

Yes – it’s a CD we love too! Expect to hear tracks coming weeks on Cosmic Jazz.

  1. St. Germain – Rose Rouge
  2. Nuyorican Soul feat. George Benson – You Can Do It (Baby)
  3. Roy Haynes – Quiet Fire
  4. Freddie Hubbard – Red Clay
  5. Anthony Joseph & the Spasm Band – Cobra
  6. Rosa Passos – Lobo Bobo
  7. GoGo Penguin – Akasthesia
  8. Roller Trio – Deep Heat
  9. Larry ‘Stonephace’ Stabbins – Noetic
  10. Nat Birchall – Sacred Dimension
  11. Joe Henderson – Serenity

On video this week is Larry Stabbins as horns boss in the 1980s band Working Week. Here they are live at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1985 with singer Juliet Roberts and guitarist Simon Booth, giving a very respectable jazz treatment of Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues.

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