Playlist – 10 January 2013

Community Radio has now become a part of the radio landscape in the UK but it is often largely run, and certainly presented, by volunteers, with the stations surviving on very tight budgets. As a presenter you have to be prepared for t her unexpected, as was the case with this week’s programme. The ICR studio had only one CD player working and I had arrived without any vinyl. Neil had returned to China so what  was meant to be a personal selection from Derek turned into playing the longest tunes that Derek had in his box to avoid too much talking and to give him the chance to manipulate the equipment. So it was not the programme that was planned but it did offer the opportunity to play two tunes each from the Jazzman releases Spiritual Jazz Volume 2 + Spiritual Jazz Volume3. Things could have been worse.

  1. McCoy Tyner – African Village
  2. Freddie Hubbard – First Light
  3. Freddie Hubbard – Red Clay
  4. Jessica Lauren – The Name Of Fela Will Always Stand For Freedom
  5. Raphael – Archangelo
  6. Barney Wilan – Africa Freakout
  7. Full Moon Ensemble – Samba Miaou
  8. Louis Xavier – Suite
  9. Walter Bishop – Soul Turnaround

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