Playlist – 17 January 2013

We still await new material for 2013, in the meantime this programme was a mixture of old and new. Michael Garrick was there, following a request from Palmer, and we hope that he and Alex will return with a programme of vinyl jazz in the next week or two.

The request also inspired a selection of jazz tunes to inspire warmth, comfort and well-being as a counter to the cold wintry weather in Ipswich when the programme was recorded. The Pharaoh Sanders tune Greetings to Idris always comes top of such a list, the modal warmth of Matthew Halsall is a natural choice. The selection of Donald Byrd’s Places and Spaces followed a request while playing out the week before, but inspires an image of laid-back comfort under a warm sun. There was a touch of Brazil from the recently released Nicola Conte presents Viagem 4, references to the continent of Africa, including Horace Parlan from a Blue Note record, a label which always provides comfort and security. Frank Morgan and Rachelle Ferrell provided soothing ballads and one of the many versions of Watarase by Fumio Itabashi encapsulated all the moods the programme was intended to evoke.Finally, what could be more reassuring on a cold winter’s night than having My Favorite Things?

  1. Pharaoh Sanders – Greetings To Idris
  2. Matthew Halsall – Sending My Love
  3. Donald Byrd – Places And Spaces
  4. Michael Garrick – Troppo!
  5. Michael Garrick – Ursula
  6. Quarteto De Saba – Pra Que Chorar
  7. “Stonephace Stabbins” – Africa
  8. Horace Parlan – Home Is Africa
  9. Frank Morgan – Lullaby
  10. Rachelle Ferrell – You Don’t Know What Love Is
  11. Fumio Itabashi – Watarase from (Smile)
  12. John Coltrane My Favorite Things (At Newport)

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