Playlist – 31 January 2013

A special show this week with the return of Alex and Palmer. They specialise in rare jazz strictly on vinyl only. There were surprises and tunes that I have never heard before. There were a few problems to begin with – what is it about vinyl on Cosmic Jazz that leads to equipment difficulties?  Stick with it though, as the journey is worth it.

Carlos Garnett provided a blistering start with Banks of the Nile, wcarlos_garnett_black_lovehich has Cosmic Jazz favourite Dee Dee Bridgewater on vocals and Mtume on congas, one of those musicians who if you see his name on a sleeve you know it is going to be good. I am very pleased that since the programme I have picked up a new vinyl copy of the album Black Love (from which this tune was taken) for just £12 from the excellent Soundclash records in Norwich – check out the link below right to find out more about this highly-recommended independent record shop. Doug and Jean Carn relaxed things a little while the Jon Lucien tune was as sublime as you would expect. Dopegems is a US new release: we heard both sides of a 7″ and it is one of which Palmer is very proud. Tony Scott and Ray Barretto added a Latin touch: Scott playing Manteca which many Cosmic Jazz listeners will know from the Dizzy Gillespie version and Barretto turned a Stevie Wonder classic into Latin Jazz.  John Cameron (M.A. Cantab) with sidemen Harold McNair and Tony Coe provided one of the rarest and most expensive to find records of the night. If Troublemaker is anything to go by it may be worth all those pennies. The Boogaloo Joe Jones record was one of Alex’s first forays into jazz and featured Grover Washingtom Jr. sounding rougher and tougher than he often does. To finish off there was a brief glimpse of Seawind, a Hawaiian jazz fusion band new to me.

  1. Carlos Garnett – Banks of the Nile
  2. Ramon Morris – First Come First Serve
  3. Doug and Jean Carn – Arise and Shine
  4. Galt MacDermott – Space
  5. Eugene McDaniels – Freedom Death Dance
  6. Jon Lucien – A Sunny Day
  7. T.N.T.H. – Hippopotamus
  8. Harlem River Drive – Seeds of Life
  9. Stanley Cowell –  I’m Trying To Find a Way
  10. Dopegems – Quasar
  11. Leon Mitchison & the Eastex Freeway Band – Love is….
  12. Tony Scott – Manteca
  13. Breakestra – Sister Sanctified
  14. John Cameron Quartet – Troublemaker
  15. Boogaloo Joe Jones – Sunshine Alley
  16. Ray Barretto – Pastime Paradise
  17. Dopegems – Journey to the Shore
  18. Seawind – Angel of Mercy

And our playlist features a video once more – this week enjoy eighteen minutes of congalero Ray Barretto and his band live in Paris:

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