Playlist – 07 February 2013

Some firsts this week on Cosmic Jazz – beginning with an extended nod to European jazz from a great source – Steve’s Jazz Sounds. Steve is one of those knowledgeable, independent record suppliers that we love here on CJ. He’s in it for the music – and it shows. Steve specialises in East European and Scandinavian jazz – and what a wealth of jazz riches there are in these areas of Europe. As so often in the UK, we are not always aware of the musical treasures beyond our shores. There is much to explore, and to help you Steve has provided Cosmic Jazz with some excellent music, some of which we play tonight. Check out Steve’s site where you can find out much more – just clock on our link.

We’re also featuring the brand new live release from Wayne Shorter – a delight from start to finish – and we’ll dip our toes into another great Scandijazz release from ECM – but one that features sax player Iain Ballamy with his group Food.

  1. Aisha Duo – Beneath an Evening Sky
  2. Greg Foat Group – Girl and Robot with Flowers (part 1)
  3. Scan-Am Quartet (feat. Frederick Konqvist) – Calixto’s Way
  4. Fontanelle – Ataxia
  5. Wayne Shorter Quartet – Plaza Realwithout a net
  6. AMC Trio (feat. Ulf Wakenius) – Cakainie Na Vlka
  7. Miles Davis Quintet – It’s About That Time
  8. Buddy Sativa – The Pilgrim
  9. Food (feat. Iain Ballamy) – Galactic Roll
  10. Biotone – Another Space
  11. Mark Isham – In a Sentimental Mood
  12. Meshell N’degeocello (feat. Lizz Wright) – Nobody’s Fault But Mine
  13. Working Week – Inner City Blues
  14. Charles Mingus – Hobo Ho
  15. Splendor – Canary Islands

There will be more from Wayne Shorter next week – but here’s some video to keep you going until then: