Playlist – 28 March 2013

In a pre-recorded show this week it was a further chance to catch up with more sounds that are long overdue on Cosmic Jazz.There was more from Mario Biondi  and Jessica Lauren, Sleep Walker and Freddie Hubbard – who seems to be an ever-present on Cosmic Jazz at the moment. You can expect to hear the live version of his wonderful First Light soon. War and Flying Machine is a great tune I ‘re-discovered’; during the week and Polish Jazz from Steve’s Jazz Sounds got another look-in via the AMC Trio and the Piotr Schmidt Electric Group.

  1. War – Flying Machine
  2. Freddie Hubbard – Liquid Love
  3. Mario Biondi – A Child Runs Free
  4. Sleep Walker – Wind
  5. Sun Ra – Great Balls Of Fire
  6. The Awakening – Glory To The Sun
  7. Soweto Kinch – Trade
  8. AMC Trio – Cakanie Na Vlka
  9. Piotr Schmidt Electric Group – Silver Protect
  10. Soul Jazz Orchestra – Serenity
  11. Jessica Lauren – White Mountain
  12. Stanley Cowell – I’m Trying To Find A Way

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