Playlist – 25 April 2013

There have not been many of them lately, but this week’s show was a return to a solomatthhew halsall john coltrane presentation from Derek.The choices were inspired partly by others. Firstly, last week’s show hosted by Palmer and Alex had Manchester-based trumpeter Matthew Halsall’s version of Clifford Jordan’s John Coltrane. Tonight the track was played in full. You can still download it, along with a couple of other great covers.There  was also a repeat for Lost Keys, the title track of an album from Poland’s excellent Maciej Fortuna Quartet and Clusters from NuYorican master Charlie Palmieri, which I found on a CD hidden in a basement at home. If you come across anything by Charlie Palmieri give it serious attention.

An email from Neil during the week recounted how he had walked into a cafe in Beijing recently to hear Siegfried by Swiss-born French-based trumpeter Erik Truffaz. We have played this several times on Cosmic Jazz but this was too good an excuse to play it again. Are we right to repeat CJ favourites from time to time? On the evidence of this wonderful and uplifting piece of music I think so. [Agreed! Neil}.

The latest selection of tunes from Steve’s Jazz Sounds resulted in the Winther, Bergonzi, Amon, Mogensen title track from their album, a US-Scandinavian collaboration of tough, contemporary jazz.

There’s a new compilation from the rare jazz vinyl collection of jazz dance DJ Kev Beadle. In the past he was a DJ at the legendary Sunday Afternoon sessions at Dingwalls in Camden London. Not surprisingly, Private Collection is the title of the CD and we shall play more from it in the future. I began this week with Brotherhood by Kamal Abdul Alim, a tune Neil and knew from the Japanese band Sleep Walker, not knowing there is an original. Both versions are fine jazz dance floor gems and when I tested the Kamal Abdul Alim one when playing out last Friday it stood out as a highlight of the evening.{I knew it would be! Neil]

There was also a quiet phase to the programme – for no particular reason, but I loved it and must do this again. We had Betty Carter, Mario Biondi and Shirley Horn which links to  the long awaited return of the video. See below as this week we dived deep with a one hour programme from 1992 on legendary vocalist Shirley Horn.

  1. Matthew Halsall – John Coltrane
  2. Maciej Fortuna Quartet – Lost Keys
  3. Charlie Palmieri – Clusters
  4. Winther Bergonzi Amon Mogensen – Tetragonz
  5. Erik Truffaz feat. Nya – Siegfried
  6. Rudolph Johnson – The Highest Pleasure
  7. Betty Carter – I Can’t Help It
  8. Mario Biondi – On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
  9. Shirley Horn – Travellin’ Light
  10. Kamal Abdul Alim – Brotherhood
  11. Jose James – Come To My Door
  12. Larry ‘Stonephace’ Stabbins – Transcendental Euphoria
  13. Bossa Tres – Imprevisto
  14. Joe Henderson – Gazelle

So here’s the late Shirley Horn in the 1992 film Here’s to Life, released at the same time as the album of the same name. Enjoy!


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