Playlist – 16 May 2013

After the example set by Martin who did the show a couple of weeks back, I’m now adding the name of the record from which each tune comes. If you listen to CJ you’re likely to want to follow up your listening by tracking down the music and – hopefully – then buying it. All the music on CJ is bought by us: we support jazz artists directly by buying their music and we hope our listeners do the same.

I continued some of the themes of the previous week. Compilations seem to comprise our theme of the moment and this week included the following; Gilles Peterson Black Jazz Radio; Message From The Tribe; Freedom Jazz France and The Hurst Selection 2. They are all highly recommended.

There was a first airing for the Swedish trumpeter Goran Kajfes who added some deep mhswipv24nsqsnvintensity after the more dance-orientated sounds of Gabriel Poso and Timo Lassy. This intensity was continued by the Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko (here with with his old quartet) and John Coltrane, who ended the show this week.  The track comes from a CD of a previously unreleased Seattle, Washington broadcast that came out a couple of years back. I listened to it at home during the week and it left me thinking how an audience, or radio listeners, hearing this live in 1965 would have reacted to this blast of tough, free, outer limits jazz?

There was also a welcome Brazilian interlude to highlight how many of the Brazilian artists that are known to European audiences have links to jazz. Joyce has featured on Cosmic Jazz before but I am sure this was our first airplay for Jorge Ben, to whom I was introduced many years ago when he was featured on a BBC 2 television programme. Could we expect to see such a programme today? I doubt it. Ben is the writer of Mas Que Nada, one of the most famous of all Brazilian songs – and one covered by many jazz artists, including a celebrated version by Ella Fitzgerald

Neil notes: If you like Ben’s Afrocentric take on Brazil, then check out three of his very best CDs from a long career in Brazilian music – A Tabua de Esmeralda (1972), Gil e Jorge (1975) and Africa Brazil (1976). The first contains great songs like Errare Humanum Est and Zumbi and the others feature very different versions of the irresistible Taj Mahal..I bought my vinyl copy of A Tabua… in a Paris Seine-side record fair in 1985 and I still love playing it. The song featured in the show actually first surfaced on a 1967 album called O Bidu (Silencio no Brooklin) – named after the Brooklin [sic] area of Sao Paolo to where Ben had recently moved.

  1. Cleveland Easton – All Your Love, All Day, All Night from Gilles Peterson Black Jazz Radio
  2. The Tribe – Beneficent from Message From The Tribe
  3. Timo Lassy – Creole Stew from In With Lassy
  4. Stella Levitt – Notes So High from Freedom Jazz France
  5. Gabriele Poso – Freedom from The Hurst Selection 2
  6. Goran Kajfes – Sarasvati from Album X
  7. Tomasz Stanko Quartet – Lontano 1 from Lontano
  8. Joyce – Hard Bossa from Hard Bossa
  9. Jorge Ben – Bom Dia, Boa Tarde, Boa Noite Amor from Maravilhas 78/85
  10. Caribbean Jazz Project – Blue from Birds of a Feather
  11. John Coltrane – Untitled Original from The Untitled Seattle Broadcast

For a taste of more recent Jorge Ben live check out this extended selection of some of his greatest songs from 2002 – it’s largely acoustic (but with strings too!). It’s all available on a double CD and this is music from the first CD called Admiral Jorge V.


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