Playlist – 19 October 2013

Check out the Mixcloud link on this page for some great music in the second Cosmic Jazz IO Radio show. Once again, Gregory Porter appeared – not only on his new record Liquid Spirit but also on a tune from another 2013 release, the David Murray Infinity Quartet Let Me Be Your Monster Love.

The tribute to John Coltrane theme continued via Manchester-based trumpeter Matthew Halsall with a piece that shows the huge modal influence Coltrane had on Halsall and his band (including saxophonist Nat Birchall). The track is BIll Lee’s Strata East classic, simply titled John Coltrane.

Saxophonist John ColtraneColtrane’s legacy spans many genres and musicians. His massive influence on jazz, both mainstream and avant-garde, began during his lifetime and continued to grow after his death. It’s now true to say that he has inspired an entire generation of jazz musicians including Michael Brecker and Branford Marsalis, Indeed, in 2007, Coltrane was awarded a Pulitzer Prize Special Citation for his masterful improvisation, supreme musicianship and iconic centrality to the history of jazz. Now, of course, it’s impossible to imagine jazz without the three central pillars of Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and John Coltrane – each has profoundly influenced the course of jazz history.

Although John Coltrane’s early approach to the saxophone was rooted in bebop and R&B, he is perhaps best known for generating fiery, cascading solos that came to be known as ‘sheets of sound’. By the end of his career, it wasn’t unusual for such solos to turn into marathons. But that kind of individualism is in keeping with the tradition of finding one’s voice in jazz.Coltrane was an iconoclast — by turns accessible and adventurous, introspective and expansive.

His son Ravi – now also a celebrated saxophonist in his own right – has said recently “I understand that people like to hear things that they recognize, or that they have already accepted, but that doesn’t help to move the music forward. John Coltrane went inside himself and found something unique, and that brand new thing ended up being revolutionary.”

The ability to play vinyl provided the opportunity to play one of my favourite records Soul Ofsoul of the bibe The Bible from Cannonball Adderley. I heard it first from a guest on the show, who incidentally we hope will come back soon, and ever since I’ve found the record a source of joy and uplifting spirituality. It was produced by David Axelrod and we recently featured other tracks from this late period in Adderley’s career – all produced by Axelrod in his characteristically dramatic style.

The Gathering and their record Leimert Park: Roots & Branches of Los Angeles Jazz is another one that has made a similar impact on me recently. Some of the tunes are very long and I am still undecided as to whether playing one of them in full is possible in an hour-long show.

The worldwide nature of jazz was highlighted by pieces from the Argentina-born Gato Barbieri and Sleep Walker from Japan, with Art Blakey providing a tune from his album Kyoto, inspired by his visit to Japan. Finally, we are still enjoying some excellent compilation re-releases this year and Stanley Cowell provided an great example of this as one of the artists on the BGP Meets Jazz Funk collection.

  1. Gregory Porter – No Love Dying from Liquid Spirit
  2. Matthew Halsall – John Coltrane from free download
  3. Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers – Nihan Bash from Kyoto
  4. Sleep Walker – Brotherhood from Into the Sun
  5. Cannonball Adderley – Space Spiritual from Soul of the Bible
  6. The Gathering – Agony in the Garden from Leimert Park: Roots & Branches of Los Angeles Jazz
  7. David Murray Infinity Quartet feat. Gregory Porter – Army of the Faithful from Let Me Be Your Monster Love
  8. Stanley Cowell – Let Me Love You (Let Me Be) from BGP presents Jazz Funk
  9. Gato Barbieri – Juana Azurduy  from Chapter Two: Hasta Sempre

Video this week is short – and very sweet. It comes from happening band/collective Snarky Puppy with their special guest Greek vocalist Magda Giannikou singing Amour T’es La. This is a totally infectious French confection – enjoy!

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