Playlist: 27 November 2013 – a global jazz dance special

This week’s Cosmic Jazz went worldwide with a distinctly jazz dance flavour. South Africa, Brazil, Finland, Jamaica, the USA, Japan and  Cuba are all represented.

There is township jazz from the African Jazz Pioneers, the influence of jazz on reggae from Tommy McCook and  The Mercenaries, a Cuban legend in Benny More alongside  a Latin-influenced tune from US alto saxophonist Kenny Garrett on his excellent new album and contemporary Cuban music from Havana Cultura. There is a fine contemporary Brazilian  performer in Rosa Passos but also examples of how Brazilian sounds went global to Japan through Kenichiro Nishihara and California via Alive. Oh, and we must not forget that  California is where Patrice Rushen was born, represented this week with a thumping up-tempo tune. On the other side of the USA, New York Latino sounds come from Ray Barretto and Charlie Palmieri. To sum up the spirit of this week’s show we could choose Timo Lassy who is from Finland  whose music has a retro but contemporary, worldwide, feelgood, jazz party vibe. Jazz – global style!

Click the Mixcloud button at the side of this entry and – in case you ever doubted – check how jazz can get you moving.

  1. African Jazz Pioneers – Nonto Sangoma from African Jazz Pioneers
  2. The Mercenaries feat Tommy McCook Beir- ut from Reggae In Jazz
  3. Kenichiro Nishihara – Nebulosa from Music For Jazz Dancers
  4. Benny More – Maracaito Oriental from Sonero Mayor
  5. Kenny Garrett – Chucho’s Mambo from Pushing The World Away
  6. Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura feat. Mayra Caridad Valdes – Chekere Son from           Havana Cultura
  7. Rosa Passos – O Pato from Amarosa
  8. Timo Lassy – Teddy The Sweeper from In with Lassy
  9. Alive – Skindo Le Le from London Jazz Classics
  10. Patrice Rushen – Shout It Out from BGP Presents Jazz Funk
  11. Ray Barreto & New World Spirit – Killer Joe from Ancestral Messages
  12. Charlie Palmieri – Latin Bugulu from Latin Bugulu


One thought on “Playlist: 27 November 2013 – a global jazz dance special”

  1. It’s the ghost of ‘Global Beats’ ! Really enjoying this , Derek. Perhaps CJ could do a regular session of toe-tappin’ favourites ? Love the deeper stuff but we all need a boogie from time to time. Back to the tunes …

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