Playlist – 05 February 2014: Gregory Porter feature

In advance of the Gregory Porter tour in March which takes him to venues in Salford, London, Milton Keynes, Tunbridge Wells and Bury St. Edmunds, Cosmic Jazz has a Gregory Porter feature this week with two tunes each from the albums Water, Be Good  and Liquid Spirit.

There was also an excellent contribution from the Chicago-based drummer and university lecturer Dana Hall, courtesy of; a belated contribution sent by Neil to mark the death of Ronald Shannon Jackson and a bewitching and entrancing tune from Francois Tusques to be found on the compilation Freedom Jazz France.

Neil notes: The Shannon Jackson track is via the wonderful Destination OUT website which is soon to close. DO was the premier site for free and avant garde jazz sounds from out of print records, often from the 1970s and beyond. Always advocates of going out and buying the originals, DO allowed downloading of some tracks usually for a restricted period – and often with the artist’s blessing. Without the support of DO and other similar sites, many great jazz artists of the last fifty years would rarely get played. We thank them for their love and care for this music – and we’ll miss them when they’re gone. Check out their link on the right of our blog now and find out what you have been missing.

  1. Gregory Porter – 1960 What? from Water
  2. Gregory Porter –  The Way We Want To Live from Be Good
  3. Gregory Porter  –  Hey Laura from Liquid Spirit
  4. Gregory Porter  –  Black Nile from Water
  5. Gregory Porter  –  When Did You Learn from Be Good
  6. Gregory Porter  –   No Love Dying from Liquid Spirit
  7. Dana Hall  –  I Have A Dream from Into The Light
  8. Ronald Shannon Jackson  – Theme For A Prince from Eye On You
  9. Francois Tusques  –  Le Musichien from Freedom Jazz France

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