Playlist – 12 February 2014

Click the Mixcloud icon on this page to listen to a Cosmic Jazz show which includes a healthy dose of British jazz, with a Scottish subtext. The excellent Scottish trumpeter Colin Steele opens the show. Listen to the way he incorporates elements of traditional Scottish music within a warm, melodic and always interesting jazz framework. I did not mention it on the show but Bobby Wellins, the sax player on Under Milk Wood, one of the seminal works of British jazz, was born in Glasgow.  There were also tunes from two records distributed by Birnam CDs who are based in Dunkeld Scotland. The first came from the Tim Kliphuis Trio on The Grappelli Album. Tim, who plays the violin, is from The Netherlands but is joined in the trio by Nigel Clark on guitar and Roy Percy on double bass, both from Scotland. The CD was recorded in Scotland. Zara McFarlane, on the other hand is from London’s East End with Jamaican parents. The tune in this show is from her first album Until Tomorrow but she has a new album out entitled If You Knew Her and we hope to feature that soon on Cosmic Jazz. Check a feature on her in the February edition of Echoes,the UK-based Black Music monthly.

The rest of the show included another treasure from the back catalogue of David Murray to complement the many plays we have given to his 2013 release Be My Monster Love. . There were haunting sounds from Bernie Maupin in his tribute to Walter Bishop Jr and Black Jazz label music from Walter Bishop Jr. himself and his 4th Cycle .Jack de Johnette, with whom Bernie Maupin has played, appeared again with a tune from Sound Travels, an album to celebrate the 70th birthday of a man who has given so much to so many other musicians. Finally, there is a glimpse of Berimbau from Elements of Life, an up-tempo end to the show which deserves a full airing. Keep listening, it will return.

  1. Colin Steele – The Journey Home from The Journey Home
  2. Stan Tracey – Under Milk Wood from Under Milk Wood
  3. Tim Kliphuis Trio – Swing 39 from The Grappelli Album
  4. Kate Daniels – You Don’t Know What I Know from Atmospherics
  5. Zara McFarlane – Blossom Tree from Until Tomorrow
  6. David Murray Octet – Dewey’s Circle from Ming
  7. Bernie Maupin – Walter Bishop Jr. from Penumbra
  8. Walter Bishop Jr.’s 4th Cycle – N’dugu’s Prayer from Gilles Peterson – Black Jazz Radio
  9. Jack de Johnette – New Muse from Sound Travels
  10. Elements of Life – Berimbau from Eclipse


One thought on “Playlist – 12 February 2014”

  1. Nice to hear the version of ‘Swing 39’ by the Dutch gentleman. My favourite Django tune, actually. Colin Steele always good – I thank CJ for putting me on to his ‘Journey Home’ album way back when …

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