Playlist – 27 August: Black Jazz Records special

If you’ve  listened to music from the Black Jazz Records label you know how good it is. If you’ve not heard any of their music listen to this week’s show and you will want to hear more. Black Jazz Records was founded in Oakland California in 1969 by pianist Gene Russell and lasted until his death in 1981.

The music combined a political outlook in support of the struggles of Black, urban America and a spiritual feel, with music embracing soul jazz, free jazz and funk. There were the vocalists Jean Carn and Kellee,  Paterson, Rudolph Johnson (saxophone), Doug Carn (piano, organ, keyboards), Walter Bishop Jr, (piano), Henry Franklin (bass), Gene Russell (piano, Calvin Keys (guitar), Chester Thompson (organ) and the amazing group The Awakening. Hear music from all of them on this week’s show.

  1. Henry Franklin – Beauty and the Electric Tub
  2. Gene Russsell – Black Orchid
  3. Gene Russell – My Favorite Things
  4. The Awakening – The Ultimate Frontier
  5. Doug Carn – Mighty Mighty
  6. Kellee Patterson – Maiden Voyage
  7. Cleveland Easton – All Your Love, All Day, All Night
  8. Rudolph Johnson – Time and Space
  9. Walter Bishop Jr – Blue Bossa

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