Playlist – 10 September 2014: Spiritual Jazz compilations

This week celebrated the release of Spiritual Jazz 5 The World; the latest in a series of releases from Jazzman Records. This edition celebrates Esoteric, Modal and Deep Jazz from Around the World 1961 – 1979. 

The first three tunes played were from Spiritual Jazz 5 and included Fitz Gore from Jamaica, the Paul Winter Sextet from Brasil and Tete Mbambisa from South Africa. Like all the other releases in this series, the latest record is highly recommended to any Cosmic Jazz listener.

Spiritual Jazz 5: The World

The rest of the programme played tracks from other releases in the Spiritual Jazz series.

  1. Fitz Gore – Gisela (Lion Rock) from Spiritual Jazz 5
  2. Paul Winter Sextet – Winter’s Song from Spiritual Jazz
  3. Tete Mbambisa – Trane Ride from Spiritual Jazz 5
  4. Albert Ayler – Summertime from Spiritual Jazz 4
  5. Michael Garrick Sextet – Temple Dance from Spiritual Jazz 2
  6. The Crescendo Quintet – Variations on the Azerbaijan Mugam ‘Chargiakh’ from Spiritual Jazz 3
  7. Babs Robert – Pro Forma 1 from Spiritual Jazz 3
  8. Eric Dolphy – Springtime from Spiritual Jazz 4

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