Playlist – 24 September 2014

Cosmic Jazz Playlist – 24 September 2014

The  Cosmic Jazz show this week came in pairs of tunes covering differing styles from across the planet.

I wanted to publicise the Flipside Festival which takes place from 3–5 October at Snape Maltings in Suffolk, a venue which is usually associated with the music of Benjamin Britten but which for this weekend will feature Brazilian beats, dance workshops, literature and political discussion.

On Friday 3 October Da Lata and Gilles Peterson will be there for a launch  party and on the Saturday evening Bebel Gilberto will perform. Both Da Lata and Bebel Gilberto featured in this week’s show. See the YouTube clip below of Da Lata performing the Brazilian classic Rondo Da Cuica and you will want to be there. On the Saturday and Sunday there are outside daytime performances featuring differing styles of Brazilian music.

There were a pair of tunes from the Szymon Lukpwski Quintet from Poland and from  the  Eple Trio who perform atmospheric, contemplative and entrancing music, evocative of their native Norway. Both these CDs are among the latest music available from Steve’s Jazz Sounds , see the link here on the Cosmic Jazz site.

There were two more tracks from the Spiritual Jazz V compilation. This week I played Louis Banks, an Indian jazz musician who gained inspiration from the Voice Of America jazz show back in the 1970s and played jazz with a distinctly Indian feel and The London Experimental Jazz Quintet, from London Ontario, not London UK.

The show ended with a belated celebration of the life of Charlie Haden. He played the strong and catchy basslines on Ornette Coleman’s Ramblin’ back in the 1950s and those basslines later became an isnpiration for Ian Dury’s Sex And Drugs And Rock’n’Roll. There was also a tune from Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra. At least one of these tunes may well get a repeat in next week’s show.

  1. Szymon Lukowski QuintetTo Blues Or Not To Blues From Szymon Lukowski Quintet
  2. Szymon Lukowski Quintet – Autumn Ana from as above
  3. Eple Trio – Setting Foot On Another Planet from Universal Cycle
  4. Eple Trio – Morning Stillness, Crisp Air from as above
  5. Louiz Banks – Song For My Lady from Spiritual Jazz V
  6. The London Experimental Jazz Quintet – Destroy The Nihilistic Picnic from Spiritual Jazz V
  7. Da Lata – Ronda Fa Cuica from Fabiolo
  8. Bebel Gilberto – Bananeira from Tanto Tempo
  9. Ornette Coleman – Ramblin’ from Change Of The Century
  10. Charlie Haden – ’68 ’69 from Liberation Music Orchestra

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