Playlist – 01 October 2014: Jazz in Many Forms

If you listen to this week’s Cosmic Jazz you could be surprised by the wide and eclectic range of sounds that you hear. The crooning falsetto voice of Jimmy Scott and the laidback lounge beach style of The Girl From Ipanema may well appear to occupy a different planet to the Charlie Haden Liberation Orchestra.  Is this an example of another implausible and crazy Cosmic Jazz play list or is it an illustration of the wide and inclusive tent that some of us classify as jazz or jazz-related music? You can decide for yourself. Perhaps the two YouTube clips below will help you….

In making the selections this week I could see a purpose for all the tunes that I played. After last week I wanted to hear more of the beautiful, soothing, yet challenging music of the Eple Trio from Norway whose music has reached us recently from Steve’s Jazz Sounds.

Bebel Gilberto was included as a final reminder that she is performing at the weekend- long Flipside Brazilian Festival at Snape Maltings in Suffolk on Saturday 4 October. She is currently touring the UK. So, if you play Bebel why not play a tune featuring her father Joao as well?

Last week we had a blend of jazz and Indian raga from Louis Banks and this week we had more of this blend from one of his band members Braz Gonsalves. Both tunes can be found on Spiritual Jazz V from Jazzman records.

Jimmy Scott was played for the first time on Cosmic Jazz, as a belated acknowledgement of his work, on a record produced under the guidance of Ray Charles. He died in June 2014 and we had not celebrated his work. The unique falsetto sound may sound too light for many jazz fans. Stay with it, his music can become an acquired taste.

I could not resist a replay for Ramblin’ with those Charlie Haden basslines and to hear more from Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra with its fierce statement on War Orphans. An impressive celebration of the contrasting work he produced during his long professional career.

The final two selections came from artists that may be unfamiliar to many jazz aficionados.  Somi may invoke the Is It Jazz? response but she is fine by me and her album The Lagos Music Salon is one of my favourites from 2014. Samuel Prather is an exciting, new, young jazz talent. There will be more from both of them next week.

  1. Eple Trio –  One Elephant from Universal Cycle
  2. Eple Trio –  In Our Home Where We Live from Universal Cycle
  3. Bebel Gilberto – So Nice (Summer Samba) from Tanto Tempo
  4. Stan Getz, Astrud Gilberto, Joao Gilberto – Girl From Ipanema from Gitanes Jazz
  5. The Braz Gonsalves Seven –  Raga Rock from Spiritual Jazz V
  6. Jimmy Scott –  They Say Its Wonderful from Falling In Love Is Wonderful
  7. Ornette Coleman –  Ramblin’ from Change Of The Century
  8. Charlie Haden –  War Orphans from Liberation Music Orchestra
  9. Somi –  Akobi: First Born S(u)n from The Lagos Music Salon
  10. Samuel Prather  –  Blues For Clyde from Groove Orchestra

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