Playlist – 19 November 2014: from Manchester to Norwich

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The modal music of Matthew Halsall deserved another play. His new album with the Gondwana Orchestra (When The World Was One) maintains the high standards that he has set already on previous records. This week, there was time to play both tunes in full and they provided the perfect calm, depth and spirituality to set up the rest of the programme.

Polish jazz featured again courtesy of Steve’s Jazz Sounds, and deserves attention. There was new music from the saxophonist Przemyslaw Florcak  and his Quartet from their album Image of my Personality. Moreover, there was another excellent track Ordovician from the album Cat’s Dream by Rafael Sarnecki. He’s a guitarist with a degree in physics, born in Warsaw but now living in Brooklyn. He plays with fine, young New York musicians and I love the way the almost Brazilian-sounding vocals of Bogna Kicinska are intertwined into the playing. The mix was by Dave Darlington who has worked with Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock.


There was more UK music of 2014 from the album Animalia by Mammal Hands, an original trio of drums/percussion, sax and piano from up the road in Norwich.  They draw on influences from Steve Reich to Bonobo and Pharoah Sanders to the Cinematic Orchestra, alongside elements of North Indian and African music and have been signed to Matthew Halsall’s Gondwana Records. Phronesis we love on Cosmic Jazz – see them live if you can.

Finally, there was another tune from the young band leader Samuel Prather. I love the music but my Cosmic Jazz partner, who returns in December, may need some persuasion about this!

  1. Matthew Halsall – When the World Was One from When the World Was One
  2. Matthew Halsall – Falling Water from When the World Was One
  3. Przemyslaw Florcak Quartet – Groove By Choice from Image of my Personality
  4. Przemyslaw Florcak Quartet – Squiggle from as above
  5. Rafael Sarnecki – Ordovician from Cat’s Dream
  6. Phronesis – Urban Control from Life to Everything
  7. Mammal Hands – Bustle from Animalia
  8. Samuel Prather – Uncontainable  from Groove

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