Playlist – 06 May 2015

There is much great jazz that I am still catching up with so click the MixCloud tab and listen to sounds old and new which, in the main, are receiving their first outing on Cosmic Jazz.

We have played tracks on compilations from saxophonist Azar Lawrence before, but a live performance in 2011 at the Jazz Standard in New York was released last year on CD. The show opened with the title track from this CD – The Seeker. Very good it is too. Spiritual jazz paying respect to the Colrane legacy but but with its own individual style. Nicholas Payton and Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts are among the musicians involved.

sonzeira_070714Also last year we reported on the Flipside Festival, a celebration of Brazilan music, literature and art held just up the road at the Snape  Maltings, Aldeburgh, Suffolk where Cosmic Jazz is recorded. The great news is that the festival will return over the first weekend of October 2015, this year covering the arts of Latin America and not just Brazil. For more information check here. The line-up for this year has not been announced but the news gave me an excuse to play something from the Sonzeira Brasil Bam Bam Bam album that Gilles Peterson featured in his DJ set at last year’s festival. I played the classic tune Aqualero do Brasil (Watercolour of Brazil) featuring the vocals of Brazilian legend Elsa Soares, but I also followed it with a club version of the same tune – this time entitled Brazil Brazil from the German duo mo’horizons. Here Leila Pantel provided vocals that seemed to provide the perfect advertisement for the country.

There is a new Spiritual Jazz compilation out. The series is now up to Volume 6 and this time features vocals. To be honest, I am a little disappointed. I am used to finding gems from artists I have never heard of but many Cosmic Jazz listeners/devotees will be familiar with John Coltrane, the tune from the Clifford Jordan Quartet we played this week. I should say the tune is wonderful as was much of the output from the label Strata East on which it was originally recorded. The same accusation of familiarity would apply to Max Roach’s Freedom Now Suite and how many more times do I need to find Prince of Peace by Pharaoh Sanders on a compilation? I may not be fulfilling my Cosmic Jazz credentials but I have to say I find the tune to be an over long dreary dirge. Oh dear! I have probably upset regular readers of this blog – please respond with comments below.

I am still making my way through the inspiring and uplifting Black Fire! New Spirits! Radical and Revolutionary Jazz In The USA 1957 – 82 compilation. This week I featured Black Narcissus from Joe Henderson, an old favourite of the programme.

At the weekend I saw Seb Roachford showcase his subtle and enticing drum patterns playing with Andy Sheppard’s new band. He is playing with one of his other bands Polar Bear at Norwich Arts Centre on Sunday 10 March which prompted the next selection on the show.

We ended up by returning to more sounds available from Firstly there was Krstsztof Urbanski and Urban Jazz Society led by a Polish saxophonist now resident in Yorkshire and playing with British musicians, hence what may seem the surprising title of the tune. There was also more from the drum, double bass and vibraphone trio of the Oles Brothers and Christopher Dell and – finally – a touch of Jussi Eriksson, the ubiquitous player on last week’s show.

  1. Azar Lawrence – The Seeker from The Seeker
  2. Sonzeira feat Elsa Soares – Aquarela do Brasil from Brasil Bam Bam Bam
  3. mo’horizons – Brazil from Come Touch The Sun
  4. Clifford Jordan Quartet – John Coltrane from Spiritual Jazz 6 Vocals
  5. Joe Henderson – Black Narcissus from Power To The People/Black Fire! New Spirits!
  6. Polar Bear – King Of Aberdeen from Held On The Tips Of Fingers
  7. Krztsztof Urbanski and Urban Jazz Society – Yorkshire Tales Chapter III from History Of Tomorrow
  8. Oles Brothers and Christopher Dell – Moja Ballada from Komeda Ahead
  9. Jussi Eriksson – Hesitation from Jazz Wars 2 Part II


One thought on “Playlist – 06 May 2015”

  1. Thanks for the dedication – loved the Burtonesque vibes in it. By the way Derek, your cosmic credentials remain intact. Six volumes of anything is bound to lead to a reduction in ‘gems’, though for me the gems tonight were mo’horizons ( love the tune, check Gato’s wild version on ‘El Pampero’ ) and the Urbanski tune. A bit special, I thought. Another good one, sir !

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