Playlist – 24 June 2015: music for mind, body and spirit

There had to be music from Ornette Coleman this week. The two tunes played were both recorded in 1959, a year in which he helped to create a jazz revolution. Ramblin’ (featuring ‘that’ bass coda from Charlie Haden) was not released until 1960. There is no need to add more about Ornette – just read the excellent post from Neil below this playlist here on the Cosmic Jazz site. There is, however, an amazing YouTube clip below of Ornette playing Dancing In Your Head on saxophone, violin and trumpet with his band Prime Time.

There was more fine East European jazz available from Steve’s Jazz Sounds. Slovakian pianist Pavel Morochovic has produced a strong, at times quirky and highly recommended album The Awakening. The spoken word at the end of Vicious Circle, the tune I played, comes as quite a surprise but a fascinating one. Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko, accompanied on his current album Polin by Ravi Coltrane, should require no introduction to Cosmic Jazz listeners. RGG are a little different. A chamber jazz trio with each member having equal status, according to their record label they play music “dedicated to the recipient of the active intellect” and listening to their music requires you to “dedicate your full attention”. I can see what they mean – but judge for yourself.

We are still playing tunes from the Charles Lloyd Blue Note album Wild Man Dance. Charles Lloyd is one of the artists who is always appearing on our playlists. I find with all his music that even if the first notes don’t grab your attention you will soon find yourself being drawn in through mind, body and soul.

Towards the end of the show things got more up-tempo, beginning with one of the better tunes on the Spiritual Jazz 6 compilation from Byron Morris. There was a nod to the jazz dance floor from the Japanese band United Future Organisation and the show ended with some strong words and emotions from Carmen Lundy – another ever-present on Cosmic Jazz. If you do not know her work, you need to check it out.

  1. Pavel Morochovic Trio – Vicious Circle from Awakening
  2. Ornette Coleman – Congeniality from The Shape of Jazz to Come
  3. Ornette Coleman – Ramblin’ from Change of the Century
  4. Charles Lloyd – Lark from Wild Man Dance
  5. RGG – Crucem Tuam from Aura
  6. Tomasz Stanko (feat. Ravi Coltrane) Gela from Polin
  7. Byron Morris and Unity – Sunshower from Spiritual Jazz 6
  8. UFO – Loud Minority from Jazzin’ 91-92
  9. Carmen Lundy – Kindred Spirits from Soul to Soul

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