Playlist – 08 July 2015

Click the MixCloud tab to hear this week’s show, including some some exciting new music from London-based Samadhi Quintet. Apparently, Samadhi is “a state of consciousness where logical and analytical ability of the being becomes silent”. The band leader and composer is Sam Gardner but the quintet  includes Krzystof Urbanski, a Polish saxophonist resident in Yorkshire. It seemed natural to play the title tune of his album as well.

Kamasi Washington will continue to be on our playlist for some time and the tune this week was a mighty piece of deeply rooted jazz.  Of course, Brazilian music is an ongoing element of the show and this week two stalwarts – Joyce Moreno from her 2015 release and Ed Motta from his AOR album provided the perfect summer uplift.

From time to time I cannot resist going back to tunes that I truly love and this week I returned to Zara McFarlane’s Angie La La from her 2014 release If You Knew Her. It is simply a great tune and Leron Thomas is credited with a featured role on his trumpet and vocals, but the constant, rhythmic bass lines of Gavin Barras that underpin the tune deserves to be similarly highlighted.

To end the show, there was a free, cacophony of jazz noise from Polish group Pe Ga Po Fo. This is not for the faint-hearted – but listen, it’s great.

  1. Samadhi Quintet – The Dance of Venus fromThe Dance of Venus
  2. Krzystof Urbamski – History of Tomorrow from History of Tomorrow
  3. Kamasi Washington – Miss Understanding from The Epic
  4. Joyce Moreno – O Morro Nao Tem Vez from Raiz
  5. Ed Motta – 1978 from AOR
  6. Zara McFarlane feat. Leon Thomas – Angie La La from If You Knew Her
  7. Samadhi Quintet – Deimos from The Dance of Venus
  8. Pe Ga Fo Po – Swiezosc from Swiezosc

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