Playlist – 19 August 2015: searching for the perfect beat…

Neil was back for this week’s Cosmic Jazz (although he didn’t make the beginning of the programme!) and the music reflected some of his current listening. First up was Matthew Halsall’s cover of Bill Lee’s Strata East classic John Coltrane – a track we never tire of here marcelo d2 CJ. Another old favourite came from Marcos Valle – and then it was time for the less familiar. We started with Marcelo D2, Brazilian rapper and nu-samba artist who was (as we all are) searching for the perfect beat. It’s not strictly jazz but that improvisational sensibility is always there – just as it is with the under-rated saxophonist Joe Farrell who has just featured in his own CJ blog entry. Check it out below this playlist and then listen (again) to his brilliant take on Stevie Wonder’s Too High.

More Wonderful stuff from Marcus Miller’s Tales album and then a track from someone who – like Farrell – deserves to be better know. Maria Schneider leads her own jazz orchestra and crafts rich and rewarding albums that are released on her own ArtistShare label. The music is stunning and the CDs are works of art too.

Time to end the show, and Neil featured one of Yusef Lateef’s lastthe-detroit-experiment major recordings, this time with the French Belmondo brothers. Their expansive double album Influence is not perfect but the featured track Shafaaa is a delight. We played out with another release that doesn’t always succeed in its ambitions but the Carl Craig-penned Think Twice is a bit of a monster. If you like this, try the minimalism remix by Henrik Schwartz that strips this slice of housey jazz to its barest essentials. It’s our first video clip this week. Does it sit easily with this White Magic Fred Astaire clip? I think so! If this isn’t for you, then try Maria Schneider conducting the NDR Big Band live at the 2009 Jazz Baltica festival – our second video clip this week.
  1. Matthew Halsall – John Coltrane from download
  2. Marcus Valle – Agua de Coco from Contrasts
  3. Marcelo D2 – A Procura du Batida Perfeita from A Procura du Batida Perfeita (Searching for the Perfect Beat)
  4. Joe Farrell – Too High from Penny Arcade
  5. Marcus Miller – Medley: Vision/Joy Inside My Tears from Tales
  6. Maria Schneider Orchestra – Walking by Flashlight from The Thompson Fields
  7. Belmondo/Yusef Lateef – Shafaa from Influence
  8. Carl Craig – Think Twice from The Detroit Experiment

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