07 October 2015: Brasilia!

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After spending an enjoyable and inspiring weekend at the Flipside Festival at Snape Maltings Suffolk listening to live Latin music and playing records in a marquee with Alex, Russell and Susan I was in the mood for more. As a result, the programme begins with three Brazilian tunes. Firstly, a tune I heard played live over the weekend, Upa Neguinho – but this time from from Luiz Arruida Paes, who was known as the Joe Loss of his generation. For those of you ed motta's record collection 02not old enough to understand this, this is someone making big band orchestrations of well-known hits. Ed Motta followed and as Alex played a tune of his on Sunday afternoon it received rapturous praise from one of the many people who commented positively on our selections. I know Neil is an Ed Motta admirer too.  I am told that Motta, as well as being a distinguished musician, has a huge record collection – good man! [Neil notes: it’s true! Check out the photo above…]. Thirdly came a 1965 classic from Silvio Cezar and Mereilles, featured as a track on one of the excellent Blue Brazil compilations.

I could not resist returning to Ahmad Jamal and the wonderful Live in Marciac. This week featured Dynamo, one of Jamal’s own compositions. It is a strong tune, with Jamal leading the way through bold, strong and loud playing of the piano. Veteran Jamal is now in his mid-eighties but is still showing the way forward. What an incredible atmosphere it must have been at the festival in South-West France on that August evening. Check for yourself in the YouTube clip below of the group playing Blue Moon which I featured on last week’s show.

We followed this with another live track from a jazz veteran – this time, Azar Lawrence who has four decades of playing behind him including time with Miles Davis in the 1970s. You can hear him on  1970s Milestone albums from McCoy Tyner, Harry Whitaker’s classic Black Renaissance and his own releases.

The Cosmic Jazz Essential this week came from Carmen Lundy, an ever-present voold devil mooncalist on the show. You’re Not In Love from 1997 is simply a wonderful tune sung in a relaxed, calming and sensuous way by Carmen Lundy. The whole presentation is controlled – even, for instance, the flugelhorn solo from Randy Brecker – yet it still possesses depth and meaning. Harry Whitaker played synth and he’ll feature shortly on a CJ Essential tune.

Three contrasting pieces followed from groups led by jazz pianists . Firstly the Finnish pianist Alexi Tuomarila playing flowing piano runs with his trio from a 2011 recording. He was born in Finland, studied in Brussels and was signed to Warners as a bright prospect until they gave up on jazz. After some time in less prominence he signed to the British jazz record label Edition. Currently, he is the pianist in the group Drifter who have a 2015 release Flow, also released on Edition. Check him out – he’s definitely fast becoming a Cosmic Jazz favourite.

The other two pianists featured are from Poland. Kamil Pietrowicz  featured in a calm, spiritual piece (see YouTube video below) while Pavel Kaczmarczy played in a strong, forthright manner – shades of Ahmad Jamal perhaps?


Finally, last year saw the release for the first time of the full Saxophonist John Coltranerecording of a concert John Coltrane gave on 11 November 1966 at Temple University Philadelphia in front of 700 people. Offering is the title track of the album. The CD notes record that “it was a ninety minute session of sustained intensity: experimental, frenzied at times, and deeply spiritual”. Coltrane was accompanied by Pharaoh Sanders, Alice Coltrane, Rashied Ali and Sonny Johnson.

  1. Luiz Arruda Paes – Upa Neguinho from Blue Brazil 1
  2. Ed Motta – Ondas Sonoras from AOR
  3. Sivio Cezar & Mereilles – Sambo Do Carioco from Blue Brazil 2
  4. Ahmad Jamal – Dynamo from Live in Marciac
  5. Azar Lawrence – Spirit Night from The Seeker
  6. Carmen Lundy – You’re Not In Love from Old Devil Moon
  7. Alexi Tuomarila Trio – Pearl from Seven Hills
  8. Kamil Pietrowicz – Hymn 1 from Birth
  9. Pavel Kaczmarczy – Something Personal from Something Personal
  10. John Coltrane – Offering from Offering Live at Temple University

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