11 November 2015: collaborations

eclipseThis week’s Cosmic Jazz features some interesting collaborations. First up was a much played track on CJ – the irresistible dance grooves of Louis Vega’s Fania remix project, Eclipse – and this was followed by the title track from a new release from young violinist Bartosz Dworak. A second collaboration was next: Gilles Peterson is not only an aficionado of Brazilian music but now a producer and instigator of new music – like his Brasil Bam Bam project. This track featured the sonzeira_070714
vocals of Seu Jorge’s old band mate, Gabriel Moura on the track Um Toque – and you can hear a Soundcloud interview with Gilles and Seu Jorge here. Derek stayed on the Brazilian tip with another track but this time from Jorge Ben and Toquinho – the immortal Carolina Carol Bela, as featured on the excellent compilation Brazilian Beats 1. This slice of Rio fun was memorably mixed into a drum and bass club classic by Brazilian DJs Marky and XRS.

michael brecker talesNext up was a lengthy piece from the excellent album The Light Years of the Darkness from Emanative with Finn Peters on flute. This collaborative project is the first release for the Steve Reid Foundation and features Four Tet, Collocutor, The Pyramids, Earl Zinger, Jessica Lauren and Ahmed Abdullah. We ended the show with the late Michael Brecker on top form in a track from his Tales of the Hudson Impulse album and a final collaboration from Finn Jimi Tenor and Nigerian Tony Allen – an unlikely but effective pairing of nu-jazz and afrobeat.

  1. Elements Of Life – This Is Us (Roots mix feat. Ursula Rucker) from Eclipse
  2. Bartosz Dworak – Polished from Polished
  3. Sonzeira – Um Toque from Brasil Bam Bam
  4. Jorge Ben & Toquinho – Carolina Carol Bela from Brazilian Beats 1
  5. Emanative – Fire (feat. Collocutor and Finn Peters) from The Light Years of the Darkness
  6. Michael Brecker – African Skies from Tales from the Hudson
  7. Jimi Tenor/Tony Allen – Three Continents from Inspiration Information

Video this week comes from master drummer Tony Allen, here performing live in 2013. Watch the man Brian Eno called “perhaps the greatest drummer who has ever lived.”


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