24 February 2016: Norway, Poland and jazzdance!

Steve from the newly-established Colchester Arts Centre Jazz Club suggested we could play more jazz from Norway – so I did. But this week’s CJ is a programme in three parts. Firstly, jazz from Poland championed by Steve’s Jazz Sounds;  secondly, three more tunes from Norway and finally, some uptempo jazz to dance to. All at the click of the Mixcloud tab to be found either alongside on this page (or down below if you’re viewing this on your smartphone).

confusion projectThe two Polish bands have at their core the same three musicians. The drummer Adam Golicki on his album Ad Shave has Michael Cieselskia on keyboards and Piotr Gierszewski on bass along with other musicians. The three of them also comprise Confusion Project (a great name) who provided the second tune.

Steve suggested we play Swedish band Beady Belle and so I chose a beady belletune which leaves an instant impact. It’s from the 2003 album Cewbeagappic. The band is led by vocalist Beate S. Lech and the album title is a made up word they made up to describe their music – a mix of electronic and ambient. The music may not be to the taste of all jazz lovers but that voice is worthy of attention, and When My Anger Starts to Cry is simply beautiful. Bugge Wesseltoft is credited as a co-mixer.

jan garbarek i took up the runesSaxophonist Jan Garbarek was an obvious Norwegian choice and I chose an album which draws inspiration from his Northern European roots. The musicians are Nana Vasconceles, Eberhard Weber, Rainer Bruninghaus, Manu Katche and – again – the ubiquitous Bugge Wesseltoft.

Finally, and creating an oasis of calm, came Tord Gustavsen. He is currently on tour and I will be in Bury St. Edmunds on 8 March 2016 to hear his new band which features German-Afghan vocalist Simin Tander.

sunday afternoon at dingwallsSo much for the calm. To end the show we had a jazz dance mix. The amazing Sleepwalker version of Brotherhood started it off, followed by Dave Valentin with his take on Brazilian Milton Nascimento’s Cinnamon and Clove (check out what Neil was listening to last week) and tenor sax player Timo Lassy from Finland, an essential artist for any jazz dance floor. The show ended with one of Fela Kuti’s former musicians, Dele Sosimi, whom I enjoyed watching last summer here in Christchurch Park, Ipswich. Check out Laolu’s remixlaolu remix of Too Much Information – a clever reworking of another Sosimi track. It is sadly ironic that I have just heard that the person who organised that Ipswich summer event has recently died. Thanks Martin, for your tireless contribution to music as a player and promoter.

Neil notes: We will indeed miss Martin Burley – a tireless champion of music in the east of England. A consummate radio presenter and musician, Martin was a guest on CJ in January 2013 and a regularmiles davis in a silent way advocate of the show. His eclectic taste was always very much in the spirit of CJ . One evening after recording a show, I met Martin outside the studios listening to music on his iPod. Without saying anything he held out an earspeaker to me. I recognised the track immediately. It was In A Silent Way/It’s About That Time by Miles Davis – one of our shared favourites. A treasured memory.

  1. Adam Golicki – All That Funk from Ad Shave
  2. Confusion Project – The Future Starts Now from Confusion Project
  3. Beady Belle – When My Anger Starts To Cry from Cewbeagappic
  4. Jan Garbarek – Molde Canticle Part 1 from I Took Up The Runes
  5. Tord Gustavsen – The Ground from The Ground
  6. Sleep Walker – Brotherhood from single
  7. Dave Valentin – Cinnamon and Clove from Sunday Afternoon at Dingwalls
  8. Timo Lassy – Touch Red from In With Lassy
  9. Dele Sosimi – E Go Betta from You No Fit Touch Am

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