26 October 2016: featuring Dayme Arocena

The Latin interest continued this week with a Cuban vocalist who records for Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings label. Listen on Mixcloud to hear two tunes from her excellent new album One Takes and one from her 2015 release Nueva Era

dayme-arocena-one-takesI have tended to regard Dayme Arocena as a singer who produces Latin music in the Cuban tradition with jazz influences. The more I hear her music the more I believe the jazz is right up there and that is particularly so on the new record. In case proof were needed, the two tunes in this week’s show were written by Eddie Gale and Horace Silver. There is only one original composition on the album and a Burt Bacharach/Hal David song is also included. The vocals are strong, the percussion is infectious and the horn section makes a notable contribution. This record is recommended by Cosmic Jazz and we are not alone in taking this line – it has attracted very favourable views in the press and online.

Neil suggested that the Komeda Quintet  should be included this week as something he has been listening to and strongly komeda-quintetrecommends. The record in question was Astigmatic – a 1966 recording. The band was put together by Polish jazz pianist and composer and film music composer Krzysztof Komeda and the quintet included Tomasz Stanko, currently one of the Polish musicians with the widest reputation  on the international circuit today. It is a significant album, I saw one comment that put it up there with Coltrane’s A Love Supreme – probably not the case as far as I am concerned but the music deserves attention. For some time it was not available, but it has been re-released and is available at Steve’s Jazz Sounds.

There was a first Cosmic Jazz play for Thomas Grimmonprez and his trio and more from Polish sax player Maciej Kadziela. Check out another excellent track – Morning Running – from Grimmonprez’s Kaleidoscope album right here. A tune from the new album by Tunisian oud player Dhafer Youssef supported by some hot New York jazz musicians and we will play more from this in programmes to come. Finally, there was another recording from Jane Bunnett’s excursion to Cuba 25 years ago. It was a jazz tune written by her husband trumpet/flugelhorn player Larry Cramer, but the Cuban musicians and feel was there. Somehow, Cuba is never far away from a Cosmic Jazz playlist at the moment.

  1. Komeda Quintet – Kattorna from Astigmatic
  2. Maciej Kadziela – My Beautiful Song from The Taste of the World
  3. Thomas Grimmonprez Trio – Rain Dance from Kaleidoscope
  4. Dayme Arocena – African Sunshine from One Takes
  5. Dayme Arocena – El Ruso from Nueva Era
  6. Dayme Arocena – Gods of Yoruba from One Takes
  7. Dhafer Youssef – Of Beauty Odd from Diwan of Beauty and Odd
  8. Jane Bunnett – La Luna Ariba from Spirits of Havana


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