30 November 2016: women in jazz

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It’s a sad reflection of the state of jazz that the title for this week’s show refers to women in jazz. It cannot be denied, however, that in this art form men largely outnumber women. There has not been the space or the opportunities there should be for women musicians. Neil’s listening choice this week features three very different women in jazz – vocalist Diana Krall (who appears to be channelling Mark Murphy on this live take), trumpeter Laura Jurd and jazz aficionado Joni Mitchell.

maria-schneider-thompson-fieldsBut there’s been progress – and if you listen to this week’s show via the MixCloud tab you will hear an exciting jazz orchestra led by American composer Maria Schneider, a young British vocalist and composer in Zara McFarlane, eternal Cosmic Jazz favourites Carmen Lundy and Rachelle Ferrell and Grammy Award-winning bass player, composer and vocalist extraordinaire Esperanza Spalding.

  1. Rachelle Ferrell – Prayer Dance from First Instrument
  2. Carmen Lundy – Kindred Spirits from Soul to Soul
  3. Zara McFarlane feat. Leron Thomas – Angie La La from If You Knew Her
  4. Somi – Ankara Sunday from The Lagos Music Salon
  5. Esperanza Spalding – Radio Song from Radio Music Society
  6. Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra – Rich’s Piece from Sky Blue
  7. Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra – The Monarch and the Milk Weed from The Thompson Fields
  8. SleepWalker feat Bembe Segue – Into The Sun from The Voyage

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