31 May 2017: contemporary Polish jazz

The show this week, available on the MixCloud tab, showcases some contemporary Polish Jazz, and we are fortunate that in Steve’s Jazz Sounds we have a UK source for the interesting, varied and, at times, quite original music that emanates from this East European country.

Poland has long-established jazz artists and exciting new talent emerging all the time. Dziedzic, the group that appears at the start of the show, is led by a veteran of the scene. Drummer Krzystof Dziedzic has been supporting Polish jazz musicians for twenty years but this year has released his own album Tempo, with other musicians supporting him. These include piano/keyboards, bass, timbales, alto/soprano sax and two turntablists. It is a contemporary, electronic, industrial, quirky sound that is both challenging and unique with every tune having a title that involves a number and BPM.

There are two tunes, at least, from each of the artists this week, including from  trumpeter Jerzy Malek and his sextet. Thay sound more conventional after Dziedzic; but thee is nothing wrong with that. His 2017 album Forevelle provides an enjoyable listen, it brings warmth and joy. I like it.

Jazz quintet Algorythm have released their second album in 2017 entitled Mandala. It is a development from their first album Segments. It is more complex, multi-layered and draws upon global influences. It also, however, has variety. The title tune has the sort of spiritual, meditative vibe that you might expect from such a title, but Ambrosia, the second tune played on the show, is different and more up-tempo. Polish jazz has many strands even within a single album.

Last week’s show included a tune from the first  Aga Derlak album First Thought released in 2014. This week there are tunes, three in fact, from the new album Healing. Pianist Agnieszka Derlak is a real talent. She makes powerful and important statements on the piano, while still providing scope for other members of the trio. She has played out beyond Poland. Look out for her and see and hear her where/if you can.

  1. Dziedzic – 158 BPM from Tempo
  2. Dziedzic – 207 BPM from Tempo
  3. Jerzy Malek – Forevelle from Forevelle
  4. Jerzy Malek – Summer Girl from Forevelle
  5. Algorythm – Mandala from Mandala
  6. Algorythm – Ambrosia from Mandala
  7. Aga Derlak Trio – Recovery from Healing
  8. Aga Derlak Trio – The Ultimate Love from Healing
  9. Aga Derlak Trio – Waiting from Healing


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