09 August 2017: jazz, hip-hop and bossa








Is there still a debate about whether jazz and hip-hop can combine? I hope not. Some of us will remember, however, the furore over Miles Davis turning to hip-hop, but if there are still any doubters they should have been assuaged by some of the tunes on this week’s programme.

Kevin le Gendre writing in Echoes the Black music magazine and Jazzwise selects some interesting records to review and musicians to write about. His observations are scholarly and his tastes usually impeccable. I came across the first two groups this week  through his writing. The James Brandon Trio and Steve Lehman’s Selebeyone play music that is tough and heavy, contemporary in feel and  adventurous in approach that employs hip-hop artists alongside jazz musicians. Give them a listen but with an open mind; the music is at times challenging.

EABS on their album Repetitions pay homage to the Polish jazz great Krzysztof Komeda, playing some of his tunes, including little-known ones. They were an appropriate act to follow James Brandon Lewis and Selebeyone. They describe their music as a new approach to jazz through the prism of the hip-hop sounds that the band grew up on. Their project has involved UK and US musicians, including Dave Liebman, whom Neil featured on the show last week.

Thanks to some of the music available at Steve’s Jazz Sounds we recognise that so many Polish jazz musicians have the chops and  to play with leading US musicians – and drummer/composer Tomek Grochot is a good example of this. His second album includes veteran US trumpeter Eddie Henderson, who not only plays on the tune selected tonight but has the tune dedicated to him. There is also an appearance from Polish pianist Dominik Wania, who has featured already on Cosmic Jazz. 

Pianist Kaketan Borowski is another young Polish musician who teaches at the Jazz institute of the Academy of Music in Katowice. By now the mood of the programme was more relaxed, more mainstream but still interesting.  The tune selected was Blue Bossa. It’s not presetned here as a true bossa tune, but someone who does know a thing or two about bossa is Brazilian pianist and composer Eliane Elias who has a new album out. The  tune selected Copacabana, has a title, if ever there was one, to conjure up the images  and sounds of bossa nova.

Finally, Jazzmeia Horn’s medley of Afro-Blue/Eye See You from her recent release A Social Call showed the full extent of her creative,  impassioned and deeply moving approach to the tunes she sings and the raps she delivers.

  1. James Brandon Trio – Y’All Slept from No Filter
  2. Steve Lehman & Selebeyone – Origine from Selebeyone
  3. EABS – Perly/DukatyXIV/Repetition from Repetitions
  4. Tomek Grochot feat Eddie Henderson – Song for Eddie Henderson from In America
  5. Kayetan Borowski Trio – Blue Bossa from Totem
  6. Eliane Elias – Copacabana from Dance of Time
  7. Jazzmeia Horn – Medley: Afro-Blue/Eye See You from A Social Call


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