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Listen to the latest CJ show via Mixcloud for new sounds and classic jazz featuring musicians from across the globe. The worldwide reach of jazz was well illustrated by the first tune. Daniel Toledo is a drummer from Ecuador but his trio also features a Swedish bass player and a Polish pianist. The album Atrium was recorded in Poland.

Also from Poland and trained at the Katowice School of Music are the Adam Jarzmik Quintet. Their performance at the annual Polish Jazz Day in April 2017 saw them declared as this year’s winners. Jarznik is a pianist and this week’s tune Dominica’s Dream showcases some fast piano work from him and some interesting tenor sax work from Jakub Lepa with much activity going on from the other players as he is featured.

The rest of the show featured a selection of music from my Cosmic Jazz partner Neil. The music came from Michael J McEvoy, a personal contact of Neil’s, the wonderful The Elder Statesman from New Zealand, classic jazz from Charnett Moffett, Randy Weston and pianist Joey Alexander, the Indonesian piano prodigy. Michael J McEvoy is an American composer and pianist based in London whose 2014 disc The Long Way Home is a great album and one we highly recommend. Recorded with a roll call of the best of British jazz musicians including Gerard Presencer and Jason Rebello, it’s a notably very fine listening experience on vinyl thanks to superior production from Gearbox Records. Silverlink Express features Nigel Hitchcock, with some superb alto sax playing. McEvoy has composed film soundtracks and worked with such well known artists as Ian Dury, Scritti Politti and Steve Winwood, but this album is very much a return to jazz.

The Elder Statesman features drums and production credits from Wellington’s Lord Echo – otherwise known as  Mike Fabulous. Check out and order/download his  music on the Bandcamp site here. Bassist Charnett Moffett is the son of drummer Charles Moffett who featured in Ornette Coleman’s celebrated 1960s trio. If you don’t know the two Blue Note Live at the Golden Circle albums from 1965, then please check them out now – listen to Faces and Places for taste of classic Coleman astringency on alto with wonderful support from Moffett on drums and David Izenzon on bass.

Neil has been getting back into the exceptional double album release from pianist Randy Weston called The Spirits of Our Ancestors. This features solo piano, small group performances and large ensembles – with the added bonus of Pharoah Sanders, Dizzy Gillespie and Dewey Redman on some tracks. If you’re looking for a good place to start with Weston then this is the album for you. It’s a CJ recommendation, of course – listen to another standout track Blue Moses right here and catch Sanders at his wailing best on soprano saxophone. Joey Alexander plays Singapore on 11 November and will have a new Thelonious Monk release out soon. In the meantime, his sophomore 2016 album Countdown is well worth a listen. Here his superb trio of Larry Grenadier and Ulysses Owen Jr. is augmented by Chris Potter – again on soprano sax.

We ended the show this week with baritone vocalist Gregory Porter – now very much part of the jazz establishment but someone we interviewed earlier in his now Grammy Award winning career. We’ve commented on the space Porter gives his band in previous posts but his innovative songwriting is also worthy on mention. Whilst Porter does do covers, his albums largely feature original compositions – and none are finer than the extended metaphor of Painted on Canvas.

  1. Daniel Toledo – Atrium from Atrium
  2. Adam Jarzmik Quintet – Dominica’s Dream from Euphoria
  3. Michael J McEvoy feat. Nigel Hitchcock – Silverlink Express from The Long Way Home
  4. The Elder Statesman – Montreux Sunrise from Montreux Sunrise/Alpine Express
  5. Charnett Moffett – Music From Our Soul from Music From Our Soul
  6. Randy Weston – African Village Bedford Stuyvesant 2 from The Spirits of Our Ancestors
  7. Joey Alexander feat. Chris Potter – Maiden Voyage from Countdown
  8. Gregory Porter – Painted On Canvas from Be Good

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